RIP Butch Reed

Just saw on FB that he passed.  Had a heart attack a week or so back.  Such a talented guy.  His early 80s work in Mid-South was second to none.  

He was over in Florida and co-founded Netflix. Let’s keep it going. RIP 


I read somewhere that he was an original investor in Netflix.  Good for him!  I am sure he took good care of his family.

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I heard he also co-founded Hulu and ESPN Plus. 

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To everyone who reached out god bless you. Today we lost a great man. Due to heart complications Bruce 'Butch' Reed passed away. Butch is in heaven now with the wrestling god's. I am sure he is already booked for a Heavyweight Championship match. Once again thank you for all the prayers. We will keep this page going in his memory. For funeral arrangements send me a dm for information if you would like to attend. God bless everyone and god bless in heaven "Hacksaw Butch Reed"

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He made the best turkey sandwich I’ve ever eaten. 



He and Slick were hilarious in the 80's.

He also killed it in Doom with Ron Simmons.

Another one from my childhood - gone.