RIP Cheddar Man

Very sad to say that forum favorite and best friend to all Cheddar Man has been frozen, possibly banned.

He was a great man. He had the perfect system to intimidate ghosts. He had one punch knockout power. There is also a nationwide support group for people who are now deaf thanks to Big Cheddar boxing their ears.

The cancel culture runs deep here in the OG. All the green haired “alternative lifestyle” OGers got together and ganged up on Big Ched.

To whoever froze/banned him, shame on you for not having the spine to tell the cancelists to fuck off! And I will be going straight to the very top to have your top men badges!

I’ll miss you big cheddar! If you ever have any good digs or zingers you want me to hit these jabronis with, just FB message me pal!


Donald Trump Conspiracy GIF by Election 2016


It sucks they banned your other alt. You’ll have to dust off the homeslice alt and bring that back now.




This was either your alt account or your gay lover.

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Ok. I’ll play.

Show me evidence beyond your womanly intuition that cheddar was a alt.

If you have any solid proof, I’ll punch myself in the balls on video, send you the video, then quit the og forever.

Put up or shut up. Hunchback.


OP smells like snails. QED

That’s exactly what someone trying to hide their alt account would say. I’m on to you kj.

Big cheddar was a great OGer. But you know how it goes around here. The middle aged men became outraged and formed a lynch mob cancel party.


You wish you were on me! But I’m 35 years straight undefeated at not letting fellas like you get on me! Ha!

I’m waiting for your proof.

hardcore… old school rollin

Cheddar was an obvious alt of someone’s. He called himself out when listing alts and then deleted that part of his post and proceeded to play dumb after.

Some of my boys think that too, but he’s not them. He’s just a dufus :joy:

He’s invisible to females.


Come on man. You’re smarter than that. He did that on purpose just to annoy the jerks who can’t go 3 seconds without whining that someone is a alt on a anonymous interwebs forum.

Cheddar actually messaged me a few days ago asking to be my new punk. I had to turn him down though as I have several punks in training right now. Thats when he started to lose it and act out.


@Kirik . Bring back my friend, he is INNOCENT.

You are legitimately creepy


Stop being such a fag. No one cares about your stupid OG storylines. Surely, you have something better to do with your time.

If you want to role-play with your little kid, that’s fine, but we’re adults and don’t come here for your kiddy jokes and poor trolling.