RIP Chiefs

I feel bad for all the Chiefs fans. To go from "We're going to be
undefeated and win the Super Bowl!" to losing your first playoff
game really sucks.

Did the Chiefs' defense realize that today's game was real and not
a scrimmage?

Denver forgot to realize the same problem...That was impressive

Chefs have a history of choking in playoffs in recent years. It doesn't matter what their season record is, since it's hard to take them serious when they can't win a game in playoffs.

A several years back, they had 13-3 record (best in the league: 97-98) before the playoffs, then Broncos spamked them in the first round of playoff in route to winning their first superbowl

Just got back from the Chiefs game, does anybody know Greg Robinson's mailing address? I have a bill for 2 tickets, parking and beer that I want to send to him. If the fuc#ing Defense isn't going to bother to show up and play, then I shouldn't have to pay. I went the that game and all I got was a fuc#ing headache and a sore throat.

Chiefs didn't play any D, but the Colts didn't either. Lost in the Colts offensive power was that the Chiefs didn't punt either.

Chiefs have about the worst defense immaginable. I thought maybe they could get 1 pick or make a couple of stops on luck alone & I was wrong.

bludog, you are wrong. Chiefs offense and special teams dominated. Our offense didn't score on two drives. One because of a fumble and once because of a missed field goal. Otherwise, they were moving the ball very well. Dante Hall had a couple nice returns and a TD. Our defense is just that bad that no matter how good special teams and offense plays they lose. Were talking about probably the worst defense in NFL history. Two years in a row.

We got 2 new defensive guys back from injury this year, one of them made pro bowl, Jerome Woods, 2 nice free agents, Holliday & McLeon, but we still need to draft defense, pick up a playmaker on defense, and a new defensive coordinator. So disappointed in my beloved Chiefs. Consider it a work in progress byiotches.

Peyton Manning outcoached and outplayed the Chiefs

so fucking unbelievable..shuda just let the defense stay on the sidelines when the colts came in and march down.

Defense needs some playmakers for sure.