RIP diego corales

ttt for a champ

i cant believe there is only one week thread on this?

There were more. I started a weak ass one, too. A couple days ago. At least I spelled his name right.

motobikes are bunk. RIP

RIP Chico... Had the most exciting fight in all of combat sports against Castillo not even Frye and Takayama came close.

Diego Chico Corrales will be missed 8/25/77-5/7/07
RECORD:40W-5L 33KO's

IBF Super Featherweight Champion
WBO Super Featherweight Champion
WBC Lightweight Champion
WBO Lightweight Champion


true champ and a helluva fighter! RIP



RIP,thanx for the fights


He gave us one of the best rounds EVER! That's saying alot.


As much as I enjoyed him as a boxer - I usually dig a little deeper and found out that his wife was pregnant with their 2nd child.  I wonder about his personality not just as a fighter but as a father and a husband; just a shame for a life cut short.   RIP


I made one yesterday(when I found out about it.)
Surprisingly it's been a little underplayed.