RIP Diem from Real World/Road Rules Challenge

Real World/Road Rules Challenge" star Diem Brown has died after a long battle with cancer.

Diem -- who found out she had ovarian cancer 3 weeks before her first appearance on MTV in 2006 -- was reportedly surrounded by family this week in a New York hospital as her condition worsened.

Back in August, the reality star collapsed on set while filming "The Challenge" ... then announced she had been diagnosed with stomach and colon cancer. It eventually spread to her liver and lymph nodes as well.

Diem founded MedGift ... a support registry for other people battling illness.

One of her most inspirational moments on MTV came when she took off a wig to reveal her hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Diem was 32.

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For those who don't know.  She was one of the better castmates of that series, and a former love interest of that crazy fuck CT:

That's a shame, but she'd be fighting it for 8 years. Hell of a fight. RIP

that sucks. she was hot

Cancer is the fucking worst. Rip. Phone Post 3.0