RIP Gene Fabrikant

Gene Fabrikant passed away this morning from some sort of heretofore unknown heart issue. for those who don't know, gene was a sambo expert who did small shows out in brooklyn and coached a few fighters here and there.

RIP, sorry for your loss.


Didn't coach and get a few people in the UFC?

I think Moti Horenstien.

Rest in Piece

 Rest in Peace.  I am sorry for your loss.



"It is with regret and sadness that I write that Gene Fabrikant has passed away this morning.

Services will be held at 10am this Thursday at the Midwood Chapel on 1625 Coney Island Avenue (corner of Avenue M)

Gene was a well known Sambo expert from the Ukraine who lived in Brooklyn who was involved with many promotions and numerous fighters."

PS; some of the fighters Gene worked with included Igor Zinoviev and Oleg taktarov


 RIP Gene

RIP Gene

 Oh man, shocked to see this. Sad, I know he had quite a rep, one of my closest friends in the world trained with him. A shame. He certainly made an impression. 



 RIP to any teacher that influenced  member of our community...  If he was a teacher of Zinovieov, Taktarov,and Horenstien (Moti)... Then the man had a REAL impact on todays MMA...  God Bless and RIP...

Wtf!? I'm so sorry to hear this! Gene was an awesome guy and a masterful promoter. He promoted the BJJ vs Sambo event a couple of years back and was the most passionate promoter I've ever seen. He refused to work out the details (I was the BJJ coach and had to put together the team) over the phone or through email and insisted I come to Brooklyn where he could treat me to a "Russian Lunch" and we could work out any details after our meal. His diligence certainly paid off when I went to probably the most organized and impressive grappling event ever! In what, competitively, was maybe a decent adv. level "meet", my man Gene made it seem like a made for movie "kumite".

I know, I'm rambling...Just sucks to hear he's done. :(


Thats not rambbling at all, thats what a thread like this is made for...  I fought one of his best students, students... Never met the guy, but for that I give my respect... You met the guy and worked with him... If you have somthing positive to say, then this is the place to share it.  Based on what has been posted here, he's influenced some pretty big names.  A sport this young cant forget where it came from...

May he RIP.

Justin, i want to hear more about this lunch. Where was it? What did you guys eat? Etcetera...