RIP Jeremy Williams, 1 year later

I just want to take this chance to remind everyone to keep Jeremy and his family in their prayers. On the 5th it will have been a year since we lost him.

I miss you very much Jeremy. We all do.

Was that the boxer?

 No. Jeremy fought in the IFL and was very impressive in his fights. RIP Jeremy

RIP, Jeremy.


A year already? Very sad and still sending thoughts and prayers to Jeremy and his family.






Has it been a year already?!?! WTF?!

RIP brother,



Weird...I wore his NOGI memorial shirt to bed last night.


Apple...thanks for the reminder!!!

OMG...Jeremy we all miss you!! You were a true warrior inside and out of the cage/ring!!

I can't believe its been 1yr!!!

That 1st picture is sick!! (lol, it's mine!)

God bless and prayers to your family and friends, we miss you dearly!!!


KingOfFighters - wasnt that the pro boxer that was rampages sparring partner?

No, you are thinking of the larger pro boxer, Jeremy Williams. They are often confused.

I was thinking this the other day... very sad

Can't believe it has been a year. I've been wearing his memorial shirt recently.