RIP: Jerry Tuite

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"Jerry Tuite, who worked under several different ring names including The Wall while in WCW, Malice for NWA: TNA, and currently Gigantes for All Japan Pro Wrestling passed away early Saturday morning after working the final show of a tour for All Japan.

Nikkan Sports in Japan reported that Tuite was found unconscious in his hotel room and rushed to the hospital. Tuite was found by La Parka and Nosawa when they had returned from a meal and wanted to say their goodbyes before heading for the Narita Airport to return to Mexico. The report listed Tuite's age as 36 and the cause of death as "an acute heart attack."

The death rate in wrestlng for guys under 50 is completely out of control.


What the hell is going on?!?!?!?!?

Another One Bite the Dust should be the board's theme-song, geez I can't believe how many of these guy are dropping. RIP

Wow, that's pretty shocking and he was only 36.


Could you imagine dying,and the person that finds you is La Parka?


Was he the guy that was in Raven's Flock?

nope, ron reese was the YETI!

He was Berlyn/Alex Wright's bodyguard for a while. he was called the Wall as in the Berlin Wall. Later he was part of the group led by General Rection. What was that group called?


LOL @ "..Could you imagine dying,and the person that finds you is La Parka?.."


What was the heart attack from? Drugs, steroids?

think it was his heart


"Could you imagine dying,and the person that finds you is La

That's pretty good--I only hope that when I go "The Chairman of
the Board" finds me first.

stevekt: i think it was called the misfits


Misfits In Action


RIP Sgt. A-Wall

gi bro is still with us

damn RIP , i kinda liked him.