RIP John Goodman : (

Even Chuck Norris will have doubt about news of John Goodman’s death.

Can’t handle some spilled milk?

Stone Cold Reaction GIF by WWE

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Hi Guys nothing on the web about his death.

He has to be dead!

This youtube video from ten years ago pretty much confirms it.


^ Lol!

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Goodman is like the only unkillable fat guy in Hollywood.

It is beyond overplayed.


But can he carry the eyebrows?

I think not!

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Next thing, you two are gonna tell us the 911 clown isn’t real…


Yeah, it’s dogshit and the wokeness to that show is douchechillingly cringey.

Plus, other than John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf, the entire cast is horseshit actors, especially DJ. And Laurie Metcalf is now so over the top that it’s fucking annoying.

At least DJ tapped out for this season.

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RIP Joe Rogan

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This man NEVER stops dying.

Agree on all points, and I’ll add that John Goodman phones it in at best.

The biggest reason why I keep watching it is the masterclass in bad acting and horrible writing it puts on. It’s especially noticeable and funny if you smoke a little weed first!

I haven’t checked the bylaws recently, so a meeting may be in order if we can achieve quorum, but I don’t think you’re allowed to say that here.

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