At least ya tried.

Now go away. Forever. Seriously.

Agreed. This next fight should be entertaining as hell, though (as long as it stays standing).

I'm starting to like this, now that I'm getting a better idea of the overall picture.

Wise post Fabes?

Love the ring entrances though.

Showtime probably thought that partnering with a long-lived, massive promotion like K-1 would improve their show from their own debut EliteXC a couple months ago. Whoops!

"quit being such right winged anal asshole!"


You never disappoint!

worst show i have ever scene

Seriously, wtf is the problem? K-1 has put on a billion shows. How did they screw this up so bad?

All joking aside, I cannot imagine, Orcus. I really cannot imagine.

"Wise post fabes!"


Maybe they care so little about the U.S. market that they let all their interns get some experience by running the show.



Not an accurate quote there Fabes--

But should I have expected any different?

How many of you are Warcraft fans!?!?


In the end this card is about Royce and Saku. If the fight is a barn burner, the rest of the production doesn't really matter.


I just started watching...what all has happened so far?

The crowning moment will be if Brock Lesnar is KO'd or submitted in seconds. Keep that stretcher handy!