RIP Manhoef's chin

Brutal Ko.

His chin has been on a tombstone for years. Not a recent RIP.. Phone Post 3.0

No "spoiler alert"? Thanks OP. Phone Post 3.0

DaveAP - He should go on the JRE podcast and get rogan'd

We do need a new Joe Rogan thug life video.

^^ I did just open the UG though. What else could i expect? I aint mad atcha brosef. Phone Post 3.0

Was a cool knockout. Don't think I've ever seen a spinning backfist look more like a legit technique. He was throwing a lot of them but they were relatively right and technical then he eventually threw one as Melvin was stepping in. More of a forearm in the end but it cracked him Phone Post 3.0

Anyone wanna take us all to Gif-City??? Phone Post 3.0

thebearbohland - Anyone wanna take us all to Gif-City??? Phone Post 3.0
This please! Phone Post 3.0

Melvin was swinging like a madman. Dude needs a new training camp to tighten up his striking. P.s Bjtt_Pella, myyy baaaaaad.

Just watched it. He got rocked. AS mustve thrown that spinning backfist 10 times. Phone Post 3.0

And to think we all wanted a rematch fight against Lawler Phone Post 3.0

well now Manhoef is scared of getting KOed so he plays the counter game and it takes away his main strength which is his speed and berzerker he just waits and counters and hes not nearly as dangerous...i hate to see this shit happen with exciting strikers..