RIP Pat Tillman

I know there has been a thread made already but I dont care, Havin the privlage with weight Lifting with him for a couple weeks, I could honestly say he is the most bravest and courageous guys anyone met, Even though I was younger than he was he still treated me with respect and even spotted me a couple of sets. He walked away from the NFL which is rare for an athlete now days in a self centered world. He sacrficed for the greater good. You will Be missed but not forgotten. Pat tillman the true ULTIMATE FIGHTER

I am proud to have met you and talked with you, You let seem cool to be the little guy and underdog

from your little buddy u will be missed.


This guy defines honor and heroism, all of our brothers & sisters over there do. Next time you guys see someone in uniform over the next few days walk up and thank him or her. He was a warrior!

RIP Pat Tillman


True Hero and a wonderful Human Being

here is a link from a local news station here in phoenix

He cared about anyone in need. He is the perfect friend, he was loyal, honest, integrity, and had your back.

TTT for an American hero.

Bz--your story sounds just like how his brother Kevin was to me...Pat was at ASU by the time I got to high school, but as popular as Kevin was, he was never too cool to treat a little runt freshman like me with's to hoping Kevin stays safe out there in Afghanistan

Yes they Both are great people. and great warriors.

I'm at a loss to describe the way I feel about Pat Tillman's death, other than to say it is a privilege and an absolute honor to have known him. He is a true American hero, having walked away from the NFL and millions to fight for his country in the face of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

I first met Pat Tillman as the football writer for the ASU State Press newspaper in 1997, and later when I was working for Sports Arizona from 1998 to 2000 when he was with the Cardinals. But it was while I was rooming with Seanan Kelly, Pat's teammate and close friend from his ASU days, that I actually got to hang out and talk with him outside of football-related events. I got to play pickup basketball twice with him and Jake Plummer, chilled with him at Gordon Biersht and talked with him for 20 minutes outside of Samurai Sam's. That was pretty much it for personal interaction, but they were great moments for me and I'm glad I got to experience them.

He was the man, but he was so laid back you would never know it. There was one night at this bar Bandersnatch back in late Spring 2000, I saw Pat and his brother Kevin having a drink together. I didn't want to bother them and it wasn't like we were best friends, so I just gave a nod over to them and a what's up as I walked past. Pat stopped me though and offered me a beer, which turned into a few beers with the Tillman brothers. It was the last time I ever saw him. I moved to NY soon thereafter, and they were gone by the time I returned to Arizona.

Thank you for creating this thread BzGrappla, the thoughts of you, Jimmy Hyatt and myself are just a small sampling of how many lives this incredible young man touched. God bless you Pat Tillman and to all of the brave soldiers serving our country. Rest in peace friend, your sacrifices are remembered.

thanks for that story cube.

That really hits home regarding the loss of life over there. I'm truely grateful to the men and women in the armed forces. R.I.P. and my sincere condolences to his family. He sounds like a hell of a man.


rip pat

The man obviously had a great sense of values... very inspirational.

My sincere condolences to Pat's friends and family.

Great thread.