RIP Phil Porter

re-posting from another forum.

To the martial arts community

O’Sensei Phil Porter passed away at 2:30 P.M. today, Sunday August 7, 2011. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the liver and pancreas. He slipped into a coma Thursday morning and did not regain consciousness. While I understand not everyone agreed with Phil, we all must recognize his contribution to Judo and the other martial arts. Please join with me in wishing his family well.
Michael C. Makoid
Executive Director
United States Martial Arts Association

Prayers for his family. As the original post says, agree or disagree with him, he was definitely one of the most polarizing members of the judo community, and his presence was large.

 WOW. R.I.P.

RIP. I got to train with him a couple times. He was definitely a good instructor and I learned some good stuff from him.