RIP Robert Jordan

I'm glad I never started reading The Wheel of Time series.

Robert Jordan died Sunday at age 58.

Shit, that's rough. Despite the money grabbing he did by stretching out the WOT series too long, when he did choose to write he was still a brilliant writer. I wonder what's going to happen wih the series now then?

This still irritates me, lol

i remember reading one of the message boards the day after his death - one of his fans writes something to the effect that he was really sad ... and without pause asks when the series was going to be finished

that made me smile

The series will be finished, according to his will.

Book 12, the final one will probably be out within 2 years.

Holy shit. Brandon SAnderson is a badass. He may very well save this series.

Ah. This makes me feel good.

Book 12 was released, and in less than 2 week book 13 will be out (Towers of Midnight). One and a half years from now the final book should be out.

Love this series and Sanderson has added new life to it!

How is the ghost writer doing with it?

I haven't read any since Jordan died, so i am kinda worrying if the ghost writer is mangling it (as they usually do).

I agree with Jeremy. I was leery of the book but ended up enjoying it.

Cool, i'll give it a shot.