RIP Sensei

RIP to a great Judoka. Sensei Tony Owed of Toledo OH, passed away earlier today. He suffered a stroke wed of last week and couldn't fully recover. Sensei's teaching will continue to live on through his exceptional students. Sensei Owed was known for his exceptional knowledge of the kodokan kata(and has produced many natioanl,internatioal and PanAm Kata Champions). He was also a nationally ranked competitor in his younger years.

Rest in Peace Sensei..........

This post is coming from my father.

I'm very sad to hear about Tony's death. He was an outstanding competitor and teacher. I competed against him 3 times in the mid 60's. I was training out of Youngstown Ohio, with my partner George Grimmett at the time. Tony won all 3 times. First time, he threw me for ippon with a ko uchi gari; and he damn near knocked me out. Second time, he won by a waza-ari, and the last time he won a split decision. I told Tony "next time, its my turn". I left Ohio and never got the chance to compete against Tony again.

Last time I saw Tony, was at the Sr. Nationals in Orlando. He, George and I talked about old times for about half an hour. He exemplified the character and respect that should be found in all judo teachers.

He will be greatly missed by his students and friends.

my condolences to his students and family...thanks chris for letting us know

wayland pulkkinen

RIP :(





Last time I spoke with Tony was a couple of years ago at a Michigan shiai. He looked stong and in shape. Tony was a bad ass competitor in his prime in the 60's often winning the fabled Midwestern championships held each June at the University of Detroit fieldhouse. He was a truly good guy.

I think he was Louis Gonzales' coach back in the 60's or 70's. Louis ended up at SJSU.

Tony was at our club 3 weeks ago giving a kata seminar. It was well attended which is not typical for a kata event. People travelled to Kalamazoo from the Michigan U.P. and Southern Indiana and Ohio to participate (6-8 hours away). Evidence of the respect that people had for him as an instructor and judoka.

He will be missed by many.





hey walt and quincy, i think it is great you honour this person with a page like that...the more i read about this more, the more i feel a sense of loss for those that knew him..

a 7th dan is a HUGE accomplishment and obvious sign of his dedication and talent..

again, my condolences to all those who knew him, and thanks for bringing this person to my, and the forums attention...


wayland pulkkinen

wayland,Walt posted the link because he has alot of respect for the guy. That is the page though, not ours..