RIP tattoo for my nephew

Enson, not sure you remember me. I'm that exchange student from Canada that went to Keio and dropped by to train at Purebred (Omiya and Kyoto) 2 years back.

Anyways, last December, just before my new wife and I were supposed to leave for our honeymoon, we had to cancel our plans last minute due to her younger brother (really nephew, but long story) dying in a snowboarding accident in Whistler, BC. Andy was just 23, but ended up in an accident where he got buried upside down in snow up to his knees and suffocated.

To commemorate his life, all of his buddies in his hometown (Winnipeg) got inked, and I'm planning on doing the same. However, the tat-artists in the city where I live can't do proper kanji or hira/katagana.

Since I'm actually going to be in Japan on business end of this month, again for about 1.5 weeks end of March, and again in June, if you could let me know the contact info for your artist, hopefully I can talk with him and get something to commemorate my bro-in-law. We already have our family symbol, but i have some other things I'm thinking about.

Hope to hear from you.


P.S. my email is

Get a picture of the actual size of what you want and the tattoo is on me. May your nephew RIP.

Enson, I dont know what to say. That's very generous and you're defintely a class act. I'll try and see if I can scan the pic and send it to you.

I'm on a business trip from Wednesday till Feb 28th, so if I dont get to right away, I'll figure out something before I come to Japan in March.


the above is why i'm an Enson fan.

sorry to hear about your nephew


yup enson you the man. i respect you.