RIP Tomazs Kucharzewski





"Wasn't there an autopsy?"

"An autopsy has been performed on Kucharzewski's body. "

It was performed and its in the Polish family that they cremate people not bury them. Thats what I was told.

RIP. My heart goes out to his family and friends

This is a true tragedy to all those who knew tomasz.
I have known Tomasz for 10 years he was a training partner, mentor, inspiration, and friend.

He was very accomplished in knockdown karate and kicboxing. He was a 2x Sabaki champion, 5x shidokan champion, K.I.C.K super heavy champ, a former Ontario Provincial Amateur Heavyweight boxing champ. and a
K-1 las vegas grand prix runner up. He also holds a 1st round tko victory over K-1 world gp finalist Glaube Feitosa.

Tomasz fought with the heart of a lion in the ring but had a heart of gold outside of it. He was one of the most good natured people i have ever known. He could bring a smile to your face no matter your mood. He loved and took care of his family like very few. He would call his mom everyday before work and eat dinner at his parents house every night.

His funeral had a beautiful service, and the holy trinity church in the polish community was packed, with friends, co workers, training partners, and many members of the local polish community, to which tomasz was a hero.

Tomasz you will always be in my thoughts and prayers

To those with facebook, there is a group dedicated to Tomasz with many pictures and some video clips of him.
type his name when searching for groups.

RIP. The world has lost a warrior.

ogopogo he only died one week ago, It is unlikely that autopsy results would be released this early.

And the tone of your posts is unwelcome, stop trying to insinuate that something is being covered up. The man is dead, his funeral was yesterday. The family is absolutley devasatated as are his friends. Trying to question the manner and circumcstances of his death is very disrespectful at this time.

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Well, then what was the cause of his passing? Don't leave it out there? How did he die? You don't see a 39 year old man just drop dead in broad daylight. What do these guys have to hide?

Well as I said I am only passing what I know ok. I am not going to write what I do not know as I am not a Dr. A man has left the world have some respect for him.

also anyone that would like to send condolensces can do so at You can also leave some comments on the facebook group titled R.I.P Tomasz Kucharzewsk.

Thomasz ruled- he was a very exciting fighter with a lot of power. He was one of my favorite fighters back in the day. I saw him on PPV in the late 90s (I think it was Shidokan) and then saw him live for K-1 in Vegas quite a few times. The event at the Bellagio in 2000 was my favorite of all time. No decisions at all in that event. I'm digging out the VHS right now to watch it. RIP, Thomasz...