RIP true OGer Ziona Chana head of world's largest family 38 wives and 94 children

It was a good run old man!

Dude had the life, lived in a mansion overlooking a soccer “stadium” he built for his village.

RIP big man


I considered him the most successful man in the world.


with 38 wives u could just go down the line and probably find one thats not in a bitchy mood to hang out with

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When they’re competing against 37 others for your attention, they are never bitches.

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Imagine all the hate the hottest wife gets from the other 37 wives! I saw some ugly bitches in the photos!

How did he generate the money to support all those wives/children? I’m sure they don’t get much more than food and clothes but still… dude built houses, schools etc…

Love to hear the backstory on where his wealth came from besides using women and children as slave labor.

That is not a family though, that dude has a cult going.

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He inherited the town/family from his father and they make furniture and farm.

Oh I see that now, I started watching the vid on him before reading that description.

How involved can you be in your children’s lives if you have over 90 of them?

This reminds me I’ve never actually seen this.

You just have your adult children managing many aspects of the furniture making and farming. Cult leaders don’t have to be very involved I’d assume if they have a good #2 in command to work the long hours and keep everyone producing.

He also heads the towns religion and gets all the tithes

Haha! No wonder he has to keep playing into his 40s. He’s the Antonio Cromartie of the NHL.

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The broads of Mizoram State are ridiculously good looking

So it’s less about family and more about continuing an endless supply of home grown cult members and free labor

That is my assumption. Just from that short video I watched… it seems all this wives live in dorms together and all the kids just go to school with one another. I’m sure all the women that married him were from very poor families and marrying him was the promise of secure food and shelter to a greater degree than they had before.

Its not like upper middle class early 20’s Indian women would just want to leave their comforts to live in dorms with 30+ other women and cook n clean for a village of kids 24/7 while getting banged one night a month if they a lucky.

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Life is pretty cruel in India and especially for women so marrying Ziona probably wasn’t too bad. Also he took way better care of his children than millions of Americans do.