B.J. Race, the wife of Harley Race, passed away last night at the Lake Ozark Regional Hospital.

She was described as being a very important part of his support system and the two helped run the World Wrestling League and his wrestling school in Eldon, MO. B.J. had been hospitalized this past week due to pneumonia, although no official details are known at this time. On behalf of the entire staff here on the site, we would like to send out our condolences to the family and friends of Race during this very hard time.


Sucks to hear for Harley.

I'm sure he'll have plenty of support, as he is one of the truly loved people in wrestling, from what I have read and seen. 


I wonder if cheatem the midget is going to show up to the funeral

RIP for Harley's wife...

Condolences for her friends and family...

Condolences for Harley, but, honestly, B.J?

I'll hold my tongue, few stories I could tell here but I'll simply say it is terrible that anyone should have to lose a loved one.

NF, I meant that in an honest manner.  I re-read my post, though, and could see how it could misconstrued.

Unclear writing on my part.


Chocolate Shatner - Condolences for Harley, but, honestly, B.J?

I was engaged to a B.J. (Barbara Jean) Uncle thought it stood for "boob job". But those puppies were oh so real and spectacular.