"Rise & Fall of ECW" DVD news

Reported by Colin Vassallo wrestling-online.com

The Rise And Fall of ECW on DVD is now shipping everywhere.

This is the first DVD released by WWE that concentrates only on the legacy of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The DVD contains 6 hours of footage on two discs and has commentary by virtually every WWE Superstar on the roster who one time made it to ECW in the past.

The extras include seven of the best matches in ECW history as well as other footage which made an impact during the time ECW was alive. The DVD has been considered one of the best ever the WWE produced.

Is the DVD censored? Or does it have all the blood and cuss words of the ECW shows?

its the only wrestling dvd i've ever considered buying....

I got the dvd.

It's pretty good. No, it's fucking great.

The first dvd doesn't have any wrestling matches, it's more of a documentary about the history of ECW and its wrestlers with commentary from all the ex-ECW guys on the WWE roster. And even commentary from Eric Bishoff, Lawler, and Vinny Mac.

They show LOTS of highlights about the history of ECW from when it started off as Eastern Championship Wrestling to when Heyman debutted on WWE.

I haven't watched the second DVD yet, so no comment.

All you ECW marks need this DVD.

So Rick, is it censored? I'm 50 50 on picking it up

It's not censored.

The second dvd is alright. The matches are pretty good, but they could've added A LOT more to the second dvd.

I also got an RVD action figure when I bought the dvd at Best Buy.

Great DVD set!!!!!!

where online is it cheapest?

i got mine at best buy, but got the RVD action figure =(