Rise of Sean Strickland

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The man’s talent is undeniable.
extremely accurate striker, good submission skills and cardio.
He may also have the best defensive ability in the sport right now.

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Dont insult James. He is a good dude, unlike strickland.

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what will you say when he gets the belt.
he’s a better fighter than griffin, tanner or serra.
it’s in the real of possibilities.

But way better…

You believe everything on TV?

Id rather be in Stricklands situation over Thompson. Thompson beat an old Dan Severn and an old Don Frye.

He’s came along way from his KOTC days as a little kid with long hair called Tarzan…. What confuses me is I thought his dad was a doctor cause if I remember he was the guy who gave stitches after the fights so the nazi thing seems strange but who knows I’ve been hit in the head a lot since those days!