Rising MMA Star

This new section for MASS MMA has been created to publish information about lesser known fighters appearing in upcoming shows. It is all too often that we attend Mixed Martial Arts competitions and can only truly enjoy the main events. This is due to the difficulty in gathering information on all fighters on a single card. Promoters have enough to worry about in terms of working on a fight card, paperwork for the commission, booking a venue that they cannot get down to publishing information about every one of the new fighters.

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Thanks for the support - there will be new articles every other day for the next month (until Mass Destruction).

Good idea MASS MMA, and good article, although to give Ryan and his wrestling career it's due credit, he was actually a 4x conference champion, 3x all american and 2x national runner up in 2000 and 2001. Looking forward to seeing his MMA skills in Combat Zone next week. But thanks supporting the new guys and for the new article section of MASS MMA.

Someone should do an interview with the best 155 pound MMA/Boxer in The USA- His name is Marcus Hicks- He trains in Dallas Texas- This kid is a stud! He hits like a heavyweight...



Shannon - it looks like that's an article for www.txmma.com, but great idea.


Marc, I dont think you have this article linked on the main page to MassMMA yet, do you?

ttt for Ryan...dudes legit

There is an article preview on the top right hand of www.MASSMMA.com.  Let me know if it doesn't appear for you, but it appears to be there for me.

I'm really looking forward to seeing his MMA skills as well.  I am also curious to hear from his opponent.  Our newest addition to the MASS MMA staff, Chris Palmquist will be trying to reach Daley for an interview in the next day or two.