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Im way behind on promoting our team and fighters so I created a blog yesterday about the team and me. I will chronicle our training and big wins/ losses on there. A small midwest team trying to reach the top. 2005 was a big year not just for Curtis Stout but the other guys on the team as well. I will try and get some photos of curtis and others up soon. Dan Tharp

Kansas City's finest mma team bar none.

excuse me, i hope bobby IS NOT on your team.

Dan - Get at me..........

bobby volker ?????? no. I really like bobby, great guy but he doesnt train with us. you can look at the site for who is on my team in my blog. there is about 5 of us. None of us have fought in kansas city for over a year.

Jeff, been busy, Ill try and call you tomorrow , im off work for a couple of days.

Dan, I will try and get those pics to you after we train in the morning. Just remind me.

Good team with some very promising young fighters to go
along with Curtis Stout. Best wishes to them all.