RITC 21 "Seasons Beatings" Lineup

Fight Card subject to change

Kevin Olson 170lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Szymon Rusnak 170lbs A-Team Edmonton

Tyson Larone 170lbs Ind Edmonton vs. Tim Smith 170lbs A-Team Edmonton

Jordan Murray 240lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Dwayne Lewis
220lbs Bowman TKD Fort McMurray

Brent Smith 250lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Trevor Schmidt
240lbs Team Caution Red Deer

James Scott 185lbs Canuckles Calgary vs. Billy Buekart 185lbs Bushido MMA Saskatoon

Matt Zorzetti 155lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Paul Weber 155lbs Bowman TKD Fort McMurray

Neil "The Real Deal" Barry 170lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Jesse Loyer 170lbs Ind Yukon

Graydon Tannis 170lbs Canuckles vs. Elmer Waterhen 170lbs CFC Saskatoon

Dan "Torture" Chambers 185lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Joel Jackart 185lbs Team Caution Red Deer

"Young Gun" Jordan Mein 155lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Kevin Manderson 155lbs Winnipeg

Justin "Houdini" Tavernini 140lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Clint Godfrey 140lbs Dynamic MMA South Dakota

Jason "Dooms" Day 205lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Scott Arnold 205lbs UGC Montreal

Jared Kilkenny 230lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Ricco Rodriguez 265lbs California

Biggest and Best Rumble in the Cage card EVER!

Come party New Year's Eve with us in Lethbridge.

Al Sabey

holy heavyweights! right on!

this isnt making you want to jump up Basso???
Dont let the lazyness take over.

What about Bongfeldt?

got some things to work on before i step up again. feb ill be fighting again.

Good luck to Scott Arnold, Team Gladiator is behind you 100%.

Forgot Tim Tamaki! Tim will also be fighting right after Matt Zorzetti nd he will be matched up against Scott Gaulton from Winnipeg.
Don't worry we will have Jesse in the next show. Tough to get all our pros fights everytime.

See you there.....

what hotel are the fighters staying at? I have some friends that are interested in knowing so they can book in a close hotel. Thanks very much.

looks like a great card, also looks like a road trip.

The fighters will be staying at the Lethbridge Lodge on scenic Drive. There are a few hotels really close. The Days Inn is on the same block and the Lethbridge Village Inn is right across the street.

Hope that helps...


thanks very much!

I've stayed at Lethbridge Lodge, was a nice hotel.

JrBoyscout, that's what I like to hear! ROADTRIP IT IS!



hey Al, Looks like a good time, Can you email me, I think I might try to come out as I'm going to be in Calgray for christmas. sounds like one hell of a new years party. otis666@hotmail.com


Have you guys finalized Ricco's replacement?

Hey guys, will fighters have access to a scale and sauna if needed early in the day on Saturday? Please let me know here or email me at deshaad@hotmail.com.



Is Ricco out?