I was wondering if I could get some ticket info on the upcoming RITC 21, wanna see if I can make it down for Ricco vs Kilkenny.

Also what is the rest of the card.

Phone or email Lee Mein


Rumble in the Cage 21 ticket information is now up ont the home page.
We have confirmed fights fro Justin "Houdini" Tavernini and Jason "Dooms" Day as well.

More fight announcememts to follow...stay tuned!

Al Sabey

Nice Tavernin and Doomsday as well, should be a great card. Is "Torture" Chambers gonna be fighting as well?

I am seriously considering a roadtrip. Hopefully I can make it. Once I get confirmation i will contact Lee Mein for ticket info.

thanks for the info guys.

Is any Team Punishment gonna be there with Ricco?

yes i am fighting on new years as well. i am fighting a guy from riccos gym to answer both your questons. it will be a great card not only are justin jay and my self fightin but bongfelt, tamaki, berry and little nasty jordon mein will all be in great dust ups as well. it will be the best RITC to date.

"Torture" Chambers

Damn! Card is PACKED!

That really is a great card! Well done.

Glad you're gonna be on the card "Torture" Chambers.

Ricco vs Kilkenny

Are you for real? Kilkenny has a punchers chance thats about it. Good luck

Wondering when/if full RITC 21 fight card will be revealed.


Now everyone knows that I dont support drinking in any way shape or form. But I guess since it is New Years and Rumble in the Cages biggest and baddest card yet I may be convinced to have a socialable beverage with a couple of good ol boys. Its not like Lethbridge has much of an after party on fight night. I suppose I am obligated to make to make an appearance at my sponsors establishments Scores Sports Bar and The RoadHouse(shameless plug) but just a quick walk through to shake some hands and kiss some babies, then its home to bed.

Jay, maybe just have a Bellini or Malibu Pineapple, that should take care of it.


Don't be fooled, Jay's all about drinking and kissing the underage:)

yes I think a Malibu Pineapple would be just fine chad! And Wyatt you
better watch yourself thats not funny your going to get me in trouble and
give me a call when you get a chance.

The fight card is shaping up good I think Lee will have the roster this

Punchers chance... thats all i need. Whats "bjj" anyway?

BJJ is great but we will not see that. Ricco is going to take you down and GnP imo. But I could be wrong
Good Luck

Ricco will go for the takedowns for 2 min or until he gets tired(whichever comes first). Jrod by KO.

LOL if you think Ricco will get tired in the first 2 min

I imagine Ricco's gameplan being something like his fight with Travis Fulton. Also a dangerous puncher.