RITC 58 - Results

JPet- How is Andy ranked above Beraun, and how did A-dawg get the #1 spot by beating Andy?? Beraun handled Andy and finished the fight in the 2nd round having his back the entire time. I know Robert doesn't have a flawless record but his only losses are to super-HW's (Kauia and Lucero) and Edwin (who if was still fighting could own the HW division).

I could understand if Riggs was the #1 HW in AZ, but I would still expect Beraun to be ranked over Andy. What's your reasoning for putting Andy above Robert??

BTW- Robert vs. A-dawg is a good match-up that should happen in the near future, this way we could settle the dispute!

James - let me give you my thinking.

The Cardinals beat Minnesota the final NFL game of the year. Who do I think would win a rematch ??? Minnesota !!!! I would rank Minnesota higher even though they lost to Arizona.

Robert's two wins other than Andy are over Jed Hunt ( 1-6 with his win by DQ ) and Wayland Berry ( 2-6 with a win over Hunt ).

Andy has posted quality wins over Sayegh, Gil, Timmerman, Calabaca and Brink. I rest my case.

If Robert wins a rematch against Andy later this year I will formally apologize to you in person and on the UG.

I'm not sure why you feel that Andy would win the rematch because he was dominated in the first fight. Robert had his back the entire 2nd round and took Andy down in both the 1st and the 2nd. Not to mention he won by Ref stoppage not a close decision. As far as his credentials his only losses are to very game opponents who he was placed up against for his 1st-3rd fights in RITC.

"The Cardinals beat Minnesota the final NFL game of the year. Who do I think would win a rematch ??? Minnesota !!!! I would rank Minnesota higher even though they lost to Arizona."

Fighting and Football are 2 very different sports, #1 rankings are not awarded due to cumulative performances. If Ken Shamrock had sunk in a submission after being beaten on by Tito for 3 rounds he would have still been the UFC's LHW champ. However, since you want to talk about cumulative performances in the last 3 years A-dawg has achieved an 0-3 record in RITC excluding the Montana fight. Outside of RITC in the last 3 years his record is 3-13. Robert's record in RITC excluding Andy is 2-3, and his record outside of RITC is 2-0 (I have the tapes to prove it).

I did not see the A-dawg/Andy fight but from what I hear it sounded a lot closer than the Beraun/Andy fight so I don't know why you think A-dawg would have a better shot at a rematch than Robert would.

I don't know why Robert has to beat the same person twice to be ranked #1, but that's just my thinking!

Ray you know me it just does'nt matter who i fight first or second i'll fight.My next fight will have to wait at least two months,Andy has a hard head,broke hand. So that means i'll have to be entertained by one of your fights first bro.

jattwood Do more research on subjects before talking about them.If your going to be a keyboard warrior!!Your probably the only one i know of that will always come on and despute with jpet about someones standing.There's a reason why you quit fighting...you were no good at it,so i think you need to quit trying to be a keyboard warrior,your no good at it either!Oh and my record is 8-11 since 1-7-01 outside RITC and 1-3 in RITC that would be 3 years.RESEARCH,RESEARCH,RESEARCH IT KEEPS YOU FROM LOOKING LIKE AN IDIOT.


James - here is the RITC ranking criteria taken right off the RITC web site:

Rankings are based on a combination of record, frequency of RITC appearances,competition level and fighting ability displayed in RITC matches.

RITC Fighter rankings are determined by and compiled by John Petrilli.

Other factors:

1. Andy had the flu the night he fought Robert. I really don't give that much weight because once you step in the cage the fight is on.

2. As pointed out above, excluding Andy, I don't give much weight to Robert's other two RITC wins.

You state "I'm not sure why you feel that Andy would win the rematch because he was dominated in the first fight."

That obviously is just MY OPINION, which I am willing to back-up. If Robert wins the rematch I will give you $500 cash, if Andy wins, you give me $100 to donate to my favorite charity ( Fund for Animals ). Let me know if this is agreeable. Hopefully, this stops our keyboard debate until the rematch happens.

Congrats to all the Fighters :) I thought all of them showed a tremendous amount of Heart.

See everyone saturday night :)


Attwood - do you honestly think that Robert could beat Andy in a rematch, it would like Andy tripping over the same rock twice, I don't see it happening. From talking to them I know for a fact that wasn't same the AZ PUNISHMENT we're used to seeing, they had four out of five sick including Andy and RJ and shouldn't have fought that night, but they did and you know the out come(not to take anything away from Robert and Hans) Attwood, please take the bet, I always like it when we can help out our local charities. Thanks!!


ADawg- I'm not taking anything away from your win and I was just going by sherdog's records. I know you are a very talented fighter and I thought you were going to beat Andy. Beraun is just a good friend of mine and I felt that since he beat the #1 HW he should have been ranked #1. If you had beat Andy when he was ranked #1 and then a month later someone else beat Andy, and all of a sudden you are ranked #3 with Andy #2 how would you feel?

JPet- with a bet like that on the table I see a Andy/Beraun rematch in the very near future.....if Robert finishes him again is he still ranked behind ADawg, who split-decisioned him??

The Predator is the most respected person on the UG his opinion is placed on a pedastool and he agrees with me. This has got to count for something!!

Duckerfan- shouldn't you be anonymously trolling Shannon Ritch....keep hiding behind the computer.

tsk tsk.


James - Robert Beraun was named Fighter of the Night in RITC 56 ( by me ). Obviously I think he is a talented fighter.

Against Sayegh, Gil, Timmerman, Calabaca and Brink, however, I doubt he would go anywhere close to 5-0.

As best I can tell, I think you accepted our "bet". Please confirm at this time so there is no confusion down the road.

Upcoming RITC events.

RITC 59 ( Feb 7 ) Casa Grande

RITC 60 ( Mar 18 ) Graham's

RITC 61 ( Apr 29 ) Graham's

RITC 62 ( May 22 ) Casa Grande

Lucero, "A-Dawg" and Montana. What order to you want for Robert, and when, and I will check their availability.

"A-Dawg" - sorry to hear about the broken hand. Please take the time to be sure that it heals properly.

Attwood - I have actually grown to like Shannon, from watching his fights and meeting him, I can say I'm a real fan. I can't say I agree with either you and Predator, but that is what this is for, opinions, and for getting to know me, try another forum, this one is for MMA, not dating. Thanks


Hi Darrell - March 18 is still not firm. We are very busy getting ready for RITC 59 next Saturday.

I'll definitely let you know when I have a firm date for RITC 60.

I have met theduckerfan and even though I am sworn to secrecy I will say that he is really cool :)


theduckerfan- I will take Hans on the rematch with RJ, if it ever happens. Just let me know how much. Peace

Attwood- If infact you are going off sherdog account
of my record, since 2-6-99 when he started
my record,I'm not 3-13,but 17-12..not
counting my stats from 2-96 to present
another 22 fights total.

What it does'nt show is that Homer and I have fought
6 times with me winning the first(rear naked chock),
Kauai Kupihea 2 times(loosing the second),all the fights in littleton,Co when they were the champion
Martial Arts challenge before becoming the Bas Rutten
Invit.The shows we use to throw(Arizona shootfighting
Ass.)before Sen.McCain shut us down at Graham central
station,or the shows at the Cajun House where I fought
David Dodd,AND Steve Judson.

Here are the Rage in the Cage records of the top 3 RITC Heavyweights since I've been compiling the data ( April 1999 ).

1. "A-Dawg" Sullivan 10-3 ( losses to Ambriz, Dewees, Riggs )

2. Andy Montana 12-4 ( losses to "A-Dawg", Wiuff, Riggs, Beraun )

3. Robert Beraun 3-3 ( losses to Dewees, Kupihea, Lucero )