RITC 59 - Results

RITC 59 - Results

"Battle Cat" Johnson wins by knee bar

A large, well behaved crowd showed up at Casa Grande to enjoy Rage in the Cage at its best.

Shane "Battle Cat" Johnson, from Tucson, returned to RITC after a 3 year layoff. He showed no cage "rust" in scoring a first round submission victory over a highly regarded opponent. This impressive win earned Fighter of the Night ( FOTN ) honors for Shane. Other candidates for FOTN were Michael Perales, Troy Tolbert, Cory Timmerman, Ed West, Mike Lightfoot and Mike Rainieri.

Fight #1

John Bailey ( 168 ), Leininger Dojo
won by disqualification ( illegal strike ), :13 Rd 1
Frank Sanchez ( 161 ), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #2

Michael Perales ( 202 ), Devil's Den
won by decision ( 3-0 )
Mark Walters ( 211 ), Genesis Jiu-Jitsu

Fight #3

Troy Tolbert ( 140 ), Leininger Dojo
won by submission ( choke ), 2:46 Rd 2
Noel Leija ( 148 ), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #4

Cory Timmerman ( 333 ), Team Brausa
won by submission ( arm bar ), :46 Rd 1
Lemuel Vincent ( 291 ), Warriors Guild Martial Arts

Fight #5

Ed West ( 150 ), Hinzman's MMA
won by decision ( 3-0 )
Carlos Ortega ( 151 ), AZ Punishment

Fight #6

Mike Lightfoot ( 198 ), Team Brausa
won by submission ( choke ), 1:06 Rd 2
Chappo Montijo ( 208 ), Ghetto Grapplers

Fight #7

Mike Rainieri ( 214 ), Team Brausa
won by submission ( strikes ), 1:39 Rd 1
Karl Perkins ( 244 ), AZ Punishment

Fight #8 ( Main Event )

Shane Johnson ( 205 ), Hinzman's MMA
won by submission ( knee bar ), :53 Rd 1
Roger Mejia ( 220 ), AZ Punishment

Upcoming Events:

Desert Quest #8

Saturday, Feb 21, 2004

Westwood HS ( Mesa )

10AM: Weigh-ins

Noon: Tournament Time


Mar 20 or 26, 2004

Celebrity Theatre ( Phoenix )

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lol @ the next Friday refrence, & ghetto grappling.

Hi MJ - I am the Operations Manager / Matchmaker for RITC. I run RITC as well as I can.

I can honestly say that I can't recall any complaint from any RITC fighter to me that has gone unresolved.

Any fighter that has fought in RITC recently that had any problem with me, please post up here and send me an e-mail.

John Petrilli ( RITC )

PS: Since July 2001, by state law, all MMA events in Arizona are licensed by, sanctioned by and regulated by the AZ Boxing Commission ( appointed by the Governor ).

Over this 2.5 year period, Rage in the Cage has conducted 30 events ( RITC 30 thru RITC 59 ) under their very watchful jurisdiction.



I was not going to reply to any of this about RITC or Roland being unethical but here it goes anyway.

Comments like this are usally made by people that have no clue about what is going on meaning Jon Levenson! you are not backstage or involved with RITC or even training inside of Rolands school so how do you know whats going on with RITC or happening at Rolands? all you know is what you heard. Going back to your favorite line " well thats what I heard" allegations are so easy to make up then the person has to defend themselves! it's like calling someone a racist for no reason.

If Roland did make a comment like the one Levenson made I'm sure it was done in a joking manner. Anyone that knows Roland knows that he is a character and always cracking jokes.

RITC is run in a very professional manner!


Roland has made several comments like the one Predator listed and he did not pay many fighters in the early days (because it was predominantly an amateur event). People fought for exactly what they were promised and there was never any $$$ promised that wasn't delivered. Roland is cool as hell anf he jokes around a lot he has no other jobs besides the gym he trains people at and RITC so fighters are his "401k plan". If you don't like Roland don't deal with him, Predator I know of nothing Roland has ever done to you personally but you act as if he raped your mom. Your constant badmouthing him anytime his name comes up is pointless you just like to act like you have the "inside scoop" on any topic on the UG.

Mason Jar- I've fought for Roland several times and I've trained at his gym, he's always paid me what was promised and I've never had any problems dealing with him, other than his occasional embarrasing (and hilarious) public antics.

MJ - as I stated above.

"Since July 2001, by state law, all MMA events in Arizona are licensed by, sanctioned by and regulated by the AZ Boxing Commission ( appointed by the Governor ).

Over this 2.5 year period, Rage in the Cage has conducted 30 events ( RITC 30 thru RITC 59 ) under their very watchful jurisdiction."

All fighters purses must be turned over to the AZ Commission PRIOR to the fights and the AZ Commission is responsible for paying the fighters. That is the way it has worked for the past 2.5 years.

I'll let you decide whether negative comments are real or rumors made by "jealous detractors".

Heck, I've had 1 former UG member, now in jail awaiting trial on very serious charges, accuse me of unidentified illegal activities associated with RITC. My reponse was file a police report. If anyone wants to accuse me of unethical business practices, my response is file a formal complaint with the AZ Commission.

there is nothing wrong with paying fighters not to fight in other events.

although from what i have heard about the matchmaking i would be a little nervous about taking a fight there

Ray - we are working on something HUGE for RITC 60. 50% likelihood we can pull it off. Hopefully, I can make some announcements around Desert Quest #8 time ( Feb 21 ).

The DVD's will be ready tomorrow.

Hi dunc - I've been the RITC matchmaker since Jan 2003. Please identify for me any fighter that has fought and THEN complained about his or her matchup. I know of none. If a fighter chooses not to take a specific matchup that is always his or her perogative.

RITC has a few standout fighters that is almost a mismatch for anyone to face, but these fighter's need to fight. If you are going to take a fight I'd research who you will be fighting and don't take the fight if you feel you can't win.

what i was told was that they bring in guys from out of the area giving them an opponent that is way more experienced acting like the guy is also a newcomer.

i think thats bullshit started by someone who got there assed wooped by an arizona boy, and didnt like it.

more than one have told me. and obviously there is weird stuff going on there, it is like the soap opera of the mma world

dunc - you are relying on 3rd party mis-information.

Here are just a few out of area fighters that I brought in for RITC fights over the past 13 months:

Dan Severn, Chris Peak, Wojtek Kaszowski, Joe Frainee, Tommy Gouge, Jeremiah Shivers, Aaron Brink, Brett Maddox, Mike Lewis, Greg Bell, Brett Shafer, Travis Wiuff, Todd Medina, Emmitt Olivera, Herb Dean, Shaun Beckett, Randy Spence, Brodie Farber, Sean Sallee, Travis Fulton, John Wood and others.

None of these fighters were mislead in any way.

You say "more than one have told me. and obviously there is weird stuff going on there". If that is from fighters that fought in RITC since Jan 2003, by all means have them e-mail me and I will try to resolve any issue. If it is from some who has NOT fought in RITC recently then please consider the source.

Go to www.rageinthecage.com. There is a database of all the fighters and how many times they have fought. It would be pretty hard to keep it a secret where everyone has access to it. I don't quite get all the drama and hate towards the only dependable opportunity to fight that exists in AZ. No one is stopping other shows from coming here, they just need to succeed on their own merits and not try to do it at someone elses expense. Most of the detractors aren't necessarily the best people to be criticizing others. A lot of them have done much worse than they are accusing RITC of. All I can say is "consider the source".

I have not seen any Fighters mislead in any way at RITC!

I have seen this though and this happens in every show on the planet. Fighter A is not honest with him or her self on their skill level and then want to Fight Fighter B and when they do the Fight is tougher than Fighter A thought it was going to be. This has nothing to do with mismatching it has to do with a Fighter knowing his or her own skill level.