RITC 61 - Results

RITC 61 - Results

Pardoe, Homer & A-Dawg Win

Aldano named Fighter of the Night

A huge turnout welcomed RITC back to Dodge Theater.

Superstars Mark Kerr and Brock Lesnar were in attendance.

Tem exciting matchups were featured including a 3 second KO by Gilbert Aldano. This is the fastest KO in RITC history and earned Fighter of the Night ( FOTN ) honors for Gilbert. Other candidates for FOTN were Troy Tolbert, Carlos Ortega, Ed West, Hans Marrero, Bryan Pardoe and "A-Dawg" Sullivan.

Fight #1

Troy Tolbert ( 139 ), Leininger Dojo

won by submission ( choke ), 1:37 Rd 1

Aaron Millican ( 143 ), Team Brausa

Fight #2

Carlos Ortega ( 149 ), Arizona Jiu-Jitsu

won by decision ( 3-0 )

Matt VerHalen ( 144 ), Freestyle

Fight #3

Gilbert Aldano ( 255 ), Team Brausa

won by KO, :03 Rd 1

Herb Garcia ( 300 ), AZ Punishment

Fight #4

Ed West ( 148 ), Hinzmann's MMA

won by submission ( key lock ), 1:01 Rd 1

Amos Sotelo ( 153 ), ACS

Fight #5

Hans Marrero ( 190 ), Marrero Combat Academy

won by submission ( arm bar ), 1:58 Rd 1

Robert Rose ( 187 ), Leininger Dojo

Fight #6

Bryan Pardoe ( 219 ), Rufus Kickboxing

won by submission ( key lock ), 1:28 Rd 1

BJ Gile ( 201 ), Genesis Jiu-Jitsu

Fight #7

Jamie Varner ( 167 ), ACS

bout ruled No Contest, :54 Rd 2

James Upshur ( 164 ), Team Brausa

Fight #8

Rich Alten ( 219 ), Ryan Defense Systems

won by fighter retirement ( broken thumb ), 2:33 Rd 1

Mike Rainieri ( 212 ), Team Brausa

Fight #9

Homer Moore ( 212 ), Team Bang

won by decision ( 3-0 )

Andy Montana ( 235 ), AZ Punishment

Fight #10

"A-Dawg" Sullivan ( 210 ), Savage Te Dawg Pound

won by decision ( 3-0 )

Shane Johnson ( 210 ), Hinzmann's MMA Academy

The next RITC show is just days away.

RITC 62 - More Punishment

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Casa Grande

RITC 63 - It's Time

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Phoenix ( Dodge Theater )

Great event tonight.  One of the best over the past couple of years.

thanks for the quick update

what happened in the varner upshur fight?


Upshur had Varner in a heelhook (illegal in RITC), the fight was temporarily stopped as I think Varner was limping a bit. They decided to resume, but the boxing commission said to end it.

Varner complained of his knee hurting. The ref stopped the fight. Varner wanted to continue, just wanted a couple minutes to recoup like with any illeagal technique that the ref doesnt disqualify for. Like groin strikes. But the problem is that as soon at the ref calls the fight. That is it. It is over according to the boxing commission. It is too bad that an illeagal techniqe gave Varner a no contest.

The show was great and a lot of fun :)

The Arizona Dream Girls are cool :) I'm their new Body Guard :)

I want to congradulate Hans in a nice win over Robert Rose. And I want to say that Arron Millican is a tough little guy and was bringing it to Troy.

Thank you from both Dusty and I for being the competitors and sportsman that you 2 are.


Regardless of the way James won, it's nice to see that he is back in the scene again. Congrats to all fighters.


they came out herb threw a leg kick with his hands down,over hand right,good night.. about 3 seconds.he just got caught right on the button..it happens, herb will be back.

The show was action packed :) the crowd was awesome and the Arizona Dream Girls we're Hott in more ways than one ;)

And Brock Lesnar is one huge man!!!! he did scare the crap out me me though! he walked up to me looked at me and nodded his head up an down then just walked away without saying anything. I took it as an acknowledgement from one wrestler to another :)..... Or at least I hope he doesn't want to kick my ass lol

I wanted to say hi but nothing would come out.


Good show, A-Dawg is a tough guy and a class act, was a close fight, but it is what it is. Another day on the mat. Some guys in the crowd who came up with us, said they blinked and missed the 3 second KO lol. Good times

Justin "Evil"

no disrespect intended

one of the best fights i have ever seen in ritc, good job 2 both fighters, i have never seen shane fight before, but hes a tough s.o.b.

A 3 second KO !!!

The heelhook

Andy vs Homer

Carlos Ortega vs Matt VerHalen in a great match

Mike Rainieri