RITC 61 - This Friday Night !!!!

RITC 61 - This Friday Night !!!!

"A-Dawg" vs "Battle Cat"

"The Rock" vs Montana

Dodge Theater

Friday, April 30, 2004

Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM

Ticket prices: $25 ( rows 28-36 ), $35 ( rows 17-27 ), $65 ( rows 1-16 )

FAN APPRECIATION DISCOUNT: $5 off if you mention this RITC 61 Press Release when ordering by phone.

With discount, ticket prices at Dodge Theater ( call 602-379-2888 press 2 ) just $20, $30 and $60 and that INCLUDES all fees and service charges.

Rage in the Cage is returning to the $40M Dodge Theater with a fantastic fight card. Some of the most popular and most talented Arizona fighters will showcase their skills on Friday night.

A JumboTron has been rented for RITC 61 to ensure Rage in the Cage fans will not miss any action.

It will definitely be an unforgettable night.

Fight Card:

"A-Dawg" Sullivan ( 215 ) vs Shane "Battle Cat" Johnson ( 205 )

Homer Moore ( 210 ) vs Andy Montana ( 230 )

Bryan Pardoe ( 205 ) vs BJ Gile ( 210 )

Mike Rainieri ( 210 ) vs Rich Alten ( 215 )

Jamie Varner ( 170 ) vs James Upshur ( 165 )

Hans Marrero ( 185 ) vs Robert Rose ( 190 )

Robert Beraun ( 260 ) vs Cory Timmerman ( 330 )

Herb Garcia ( 300 ) vs Gilbert Aldano ( 280 )

Amos Sotello ( 155 ) vs TBA

Carlos Ortega ( 150 ) vs Matt VerHalen ( 145 )

Troy Tolbert ( 140 ) vs Aaron Millican ( 140 )

Fight Card subject to change.

Dodge Theater

400 West Washington St

Phoenix, AZ 85003

(602) 379-2888


Upcoming events:

RITC 62 - More Punishment

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Casa Grande

Desert Quest #8

Saturday, June 5, 2004

Mesa ( Westwood High )

RITC 63 - It's Time

Friday, June 11, 2004

Phoenix ( Dodge Theater )

Visit www.rageinthecage.com for more information.

Varner vs Upshur will be a "war"

The card looks awesome, Varner is in for a tough night!!

TTT for Upshur. I don't believe Varner has the tools to beat The Crippler.

Jamie is gonna do awesome- and has more than enough tools.

Varner is confident and in top form. He's been training with Drew Fickett. Jamie hopes to fight Shaun Beckett later this year in RITC.

What happened to Riggs vs Battle Cat?

Wrecking Machine,
Don't you claim to be Rigg's friend yet you need to come ask on a forum why he isn't fighting or are you just "trolling" and making yourself look like an ass. He has already said he took a fight in the IFC instead. Ooohh, ahhhh.... BFD!!

xytrack- Settle down dude....wreckingmachine is Tim Mckenzie (an undefeated professional fighter). He has trained with Joe a couple of times and fought in the same shows as him. He doesn't even live in AZ! He was asking an honest question...there's no need to attack him like that. Considering he has had 16 posts in over 4 months I'm guessing he is not a "troll".

Mind your business, Attwood, YOU ARE the troll. Oh wait, no, you are a cool cat. Please proceed.



can't wait to see this event, Shane is ready and looks like Ed West might be getting a fight as well, the card is really nice. I am looking forward to watching Homer and Andy what a war that is going to be. Best of luck to Joe in his fight in Minesota, and hopefully we see Riggs in the UFC. Kick some ass

Justin "Evil"

TTT! I'll be there! Look me up!

Two exciting fights to watch.... Varner vs. Upshur and Ver Halen vs. Ortega. Cant wait.

Varner is fearless.He always wants to sparr with the top boxers at our gym.

TBA got injured and has been replaced by Ed West :)

Should be another excellent matchup.

Amos Sotello ( 155 ) Vs Ed West ( 155 )

I know who he is and knew when I posted. If he honestly didn't know then I retract my comments but odds are he knew the answer to his question and his intent in asking was not "noble"..

You really need to get a grip xytrack, and ease up on your consistently inflammtory posts and comments. Please keep in mind that this is a public forum. Most people on here are just fans or involved with the sport somehow, and not trying to protect an organization or person (persons).

Seriously, there is no way Tim McKenzie had any idea about Riggs fighting in Minnesota. He is a very good friend of both Joe and I, but neither of us have gotten the chance to speak to him in the past few days.

Try having fun with the fights, and stop trying to be the internet crusader. How about making a postive post regarding an RITC or Arizona fighter or show, because all I've ever seen from you is negative posts and TTT's for RITC. How about some depth, like who is your favorite fighter locally, or the best show you've been to, an experience you had that was cool... something, anything. This attack mode of yours is old and tiring.

That said, this looks like it should be a great show. Looking forward to hearing about A-Dawg beating Battlecat.

LOL @ "internet crusader"

Funny stuff. xytrack chill out once in a while and enjoy the local shows.

TTT for RITC and Brausa!!!


Xytrack sorry that you got beat with the ugly stick to make you so negative all the damn time. Anyways I did not know that Joe had a different fight, but thanks for the update