RITC 66 Thanks Tri-Valley (Nov 13)

RITC 66 - Thanks Tri-Valley

Saturday Nov 13, 2004

Pinal County - Parks, Recreation & Fairgrounds

11 MC Road

Casa Grande, Arizona

Doors Open: 6 PM, Fight Time: 7:30 PM

Tickets prices are $20 ( General Admission Bleachers ) and $30 ( Floor Level Seating ).

The first Rage in the Cage Tucson Casino del Sol show will take place in December or early next year.

This recent development enables RITC to return to Casa Grande after a 6 month absence to thank our loyal supporters in Casa Grande, Eloy, Coolidge and surrounding areas. This event will feature many popular local fighters. It will be a great night of action.

Please come on out and support your favorite fighters.

Fight Card:

Gabe Rivas ( 165 ) vs Robert Maldonado ( 165 )

RJ Gamez ( 165 ) vs Frank Sanchez ( 160 )

Melesio Perales ( 185 ) vs Paul Arroyo ( 180 )

Richie Hightower ( 190 ) vs Jeremy Neer ( 185 )

David Marquez ( 165 ) vs Rudy Garcia ( 165 )

Carlos Ortega ( 150 ) vs Julian Samaniego ( 145 )

Eddie Castro ( 150 ) vs Matt VerHalen ( 145 )

Nick Hedrick ( 140 ) vs Cameron Mayer ( 135 )

Noel Leija ( 150 ) vs Donald Paskiewiez ( 140 )

Efram Martinez ( 175 ) vs TBA

Neil Abbott ( 190 ) VS TBA

Michael Barney ( 140 ) vs TBA

Fight Card subject to change.

Here are the directions for those traveling from Phoenix or Tucson for the event.

Take I-10 to Exit 194

Head East on 287 away from CG for 7 miles

Turn right on 11 Mile Corner Rd and you're there

Upcoming Events:

Desert Quest #11

Saturday, Dec 4, 2004

Westwood High ( Mesa )

RITC 67 - Whoop Ass

Saturday, Dec 11, 2004

Please visit http://www.rageinthecage.com for more information.

ttt for another great RITC card. i'll be emailing you soon, John!

is there any chance of seeing varner vs. rivas in the near future?

Jamie sent me a nice e-mail several weeks back regarding this.

Right now Jamie is focusing entirely on winning a National College Wrestling Title and looks forward to fighting Rivas in RITC in March or April of 2005.

how about the Martinez at 175 vs Ray Elbe? Any Chance Tugboat gets on the card and when is Edwin and Homer fighting again?

Melvin Guillard is becoming one of the most exciting MMA fighters to watch this year and I urge all matchmakers and promoters to get in contact with me to put him on your shows. I know what you are looking for in your events,and believe me, he will give you what you want.He fights form 155-160lbs and is 5'9" tall.

I am Melvin's trainer and manager and I urge you all to call me at 504-888-6451 or e-mail  anconasgym@aol.com.  He is on a roll right now! Sincerely, Joe Ancona


What happened to the Tucson show this November?

Gullard vs Fickett-J PET make it happen


All the details between RITC & CdS have not been finalized so:

"The first Rage in the Cage Tucson Casino del Sol show will take place in December or early next year"

cool youll be in my home town .i will see you and roland there we have alot to talk about.....jpet..

sounds like vince is mad.....thats no good mayn....ttt for another good card

Gabe Rivas will deliver Maldonados 1st K.O. anyone want to bet on the outcome of the fight. I have up to 100 dollars that says Rivas will win. Anyone?anyone?
Paul Schmadeke

TTT for RITC :)


If Roberts in shape he is going to put Rivas on his bak and keep him there.

TTT for RITC 66.

Efram Martinez is out for RITC 66. Used to train with Tom Proctor, now trains with Rick Roufus. 0-0 record. Hope to get him on a RITC show next year.

Just trying to get you(Ray Elbe ) on the card. I want to see an Elbe/Rivas rematch.

Kind of like the trouble you gave Gabe on the ground Ray. I tthink you underestimate Gabes ground and we know everyone underestimated his hands. Oh well my offer stands I'll put 100 dollars on Rivas on this fight, oh what the hell make it 200 dollars . Anyone, anyone. Ray i won an easy 100 on you from your buddy Rick in Mass. Not talking shit I just see the guy train like an animal. I will also be offering to bet on the Varner Rivas fight when and if that comes along. I wish Odessa would put odds on RITCc I wouldn't have to beg for a bet.Paul Schmadeke


If Varner fights Rivas you have a bet. If Rivas beats Varner, then I want to fight Rivas at 170lbs.

Ray STeinbeiss