"Ritch Franklin is a meanie!!!"

As many of you know, my son's name is Evan Tanner Hurrle. He just found out that Franklin beat Tanner. He said, "Ritch Franklin is a meanie!!! He always beats Evan Tanner. Dad, maybe we shouldn't call me Evan anymore."

Out of the mouth of babes.

sadly he is saddled with that name and low selfesteem forever.

How does he pronounce Franklin's name in such a way that it comes out misspelled?

It's never too late to change it to Ritch Franklin Hurrle.

you should switch his name to something safe, like Fedor Emelianenko Hurrle.

He was pretty mean to his girlfriend when she went into the octagon to congradulate him.

When my son is born, he'll be named 'Evan'.

FYI's all.

cool, I want my son to be named kazushi sakuraba poe...that would rule

or maybe genki poe

but I'll only have animals so maybe my next cat will be genki...hell yeah

my first born will be named Giant Silva Faberman

mine will be Axe E. Muderer

I want to name my first kid Royce.

Hope it is a boy!

Twizzle, I did name my son Royce. It's actually because his grandfather's name is Roy, but I've led quite a few people to believe that it is an extreme devotion to GJJ that inspired it. ;)

"I love how you claim it was just a coincidence."

Can't you let it go, douche? As I've explained to you on at least five occasions, we had the name "Evan" picked out months ahead of time. I started joking about names like Kenneth Wayne Hurrle and Carlos Newton Hurrle and when I said Evan Tanner Hurrle, my wife loved it.

LOL that's awesome!

Arent people with three names usually presidental assassins or mass murderers or sumthin?

Is Dana White Hurrle a possibility?

Out of the mouth of babies?


"Is Dana White Hurrle a possibility?"

I think Sakakibara Hurrle is a greater possiblity.