"Rites Of Passage" MMA Movie 10 Years Old!

 Bobby has always had amazing vision and ability to put it on film.  This was before the words Mixed Martial Arts were ever thought about being put together.

 Yep.. Bobby was the Original Gangster.. back in NHB days...

 That docu kicks ass...I showed it to my friend who never saw it a couple weeks ago. Wasn't there a part in the Randleman part where they show his car after he mangled it? I was drunk as shit and was trying to find that part but never could....maybe I'm getting that part mixed up with a diff docu?

 Jesus time flies...

 TTT for Bobby Razak!!

It's what inspired us!


See you in another 10 years!!


Amazing documentary Phone Post

Rites of Passage is a must see MMA Documentary!

I loved the superbrawl highlights from that doco. They had nice ring girls too.

I believe Choke came out first.
Though Choke was more about one specific event.

Rites of Passage was about the sport of NHB.

Rites of Passage was awesome. It gave us great interviews, highlights from shows all around the world, and showed how much of a badass Enson is.

Choke was during the 1995 Vale tudo Japan event

jujubre - Choke was during the 1995 Vale tudo Japan event

It was filmed during 1995. It was released late 1999 I think.

For later. Phone Post

A must have doc as much so as the smashing machine! Phone Post

Saw that documentary when it first came out and followed his work ever since. Never thought I'd be so lucky to get the chance to actually work with him and eventually be featured in one of his commercials! ttt for a great friend and OG....

Big 'English' Tom

Big 'English' Ton Phone Post

 Bobby is not only the best in the biz , hes the Martin Scorcese of MMA !

Ttt Phone Post