" Rites Of Passage " - Razak

Always enjoyed this Old Old School MMA Doc by the UGs own Bobby Razak . Some great footage.


Rites of Passege part 1 by Hater_Huntin



Rites of passage part 2 by Hater_Huntin



Another edition of the Phooey MMA Doc Block

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One of the best MMA docs ever. Up there with Choke and The Smashing Machine.

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One of the best MMA docs ever. Up there with Choke and The Smashing Machine.

Exactly Caposa , needed its own thrad in coordination with Phooey Philms Inc.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding August 14, 2007
By Kuroda Taiki
I remember this well, this was when MMA was still being called the term NHB(No-Holds-Barred) and examines fights around the world. You see glimpses of true Vale Tudo in Brazil, where headbutts, knees and elbows really don't have the rulings and restrictions held in UFC and Pride, and is closest to a street fight as there are no gloves. This is the highlight if you can't seem to find fights from Brazil.

Fights around the world here in bare knuckle MMA, showed the interviews of each fighters mentality in the ring/cage, and their backgrounds.

You'll see originators here, Frank Shamrock, Enson Inoue, Randy Couture, Kevin Randleman.

It's a look into early MMA, the views before UFC blew up onto basic cable reruns, and is violent in examining the growing pains. You can tell these were the early years as today most professional fighters are very well balanced in all aspects.

4.0 out of 5 stars Great mix of fights and fighters August 27, 2006
By K. Birdwell
Great collection of fight highlights from all over - Hawaii, Japan, Brazil, US, etc. Some fights are professionally filmed, others are rough single hand-held cameras in crude conditions, much like the fighters themselves. Worth it for the interviews alone - no talking heads, just the fighters telling their stories. For some it's almost a religious calling, for others it's their only chance to make it out dire poverty and the wrong side of the law. Smart, sad, inspiring and brutal. Lot's a short clips from fights and fighters I've only read about. Wish it were longer.

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports. The roots of modern mixed martial arts can be traced back to the ancient Olympics where one of the earliest documented systems of codified full range unarmed combat was utilized in the sport of Pankration. Various mixed style contests took place throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim during the early 1900s. The combat sport of Vale Tudo that had developed in Brazil from the 1920s was brought to the United States by the Gracie family in 1993 with the founding of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is the largest MMA promotion company worldwide.

The more dangerous Vale Tudo style bouts of the early UFCs were made safer with the implementation of additional rules, leading to the popular regulated form of MMA seen today. Originally promoted as a competition with the intention of finding the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat situations, competitors were pitted against one another with minimal rules. Later, fighters employed multiple martial arts into their style while promoters adopted additional rules aimed at increasing safety for competitors and to promote mainstream acceptance of the sport. The name mixed martial arts was coined by Rick Blume, president and CEO of Battlecade, in 1995. Following these changes, the sport has seen increased popularity with a pay per view business that rivals boxing and professional wrestling.







Do you guys know who this Doc is ? This is legendary MMA !

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maybe ya all have seen this , it has been decades . But i doubt ittt

Great Doc. I had heard about it for a while, finally sat down and watched it, outstanding job by Bobby Razak! Thank you so much for posting this! Phone Post

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Thanks Hong Kong Phooey. I better watch this one right quick I reckon.

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Thanks for sharing, Phooey. Not trying to hijack your thread but did you ever see the Sparring Chronicles? I never got a chance to and never really heard anything about it.