Rival Classic 10/25, Lakeland, FL

Rival Classic 3 No Gi Absoluto wins $750

Event Date: 25-Sep-04

Event Time: 10:00 am

Location: Lakeland, FL,
33805, United States

Phone: 863-521-0296

Event Email: highperformancema@yahoo.com

Event Website: www.worldgrapplingassociation.com

Event Contact: Ross Kellin

More Information,
Over 60 divisions for men women and children!
Both Gi and No-gi white belt through black belt divisions.

Novice to pro! We have one of the best childrens competitions around. By both weight and age! Most children medal and have tons of fun!

The Pro division NO GI winner will receive $750.00 cash prize.

Also, rumor has it the debut of the pink shirt! :-)

Shhh its a seceret! How did you like the place today? You didnt happen to see my fancy slip-and-fall-down kick while doing laps did you?

For real, these tourneys have had great turnouts before and the absolute is always crazy.


The slip and fall "takedown" was an awesome move! Bet it keeps your opponents off balance the whole time!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me! I didn't get the opportunity to speak at length with anyone in charge since it looks like I came at a bad time.

any word on who is the absolute this time around?

Im sorry about that. Marcio just got back from Brazil(where one of our guys won gold. He still is a little crazy. Check out our web site MARCIOSIMAS.com to check anything else out. Tommorow night at open mat would be a good time to stop by again. Ohh yeah Im goign to have to unleash that move in my next fight.

Azncowboy, I know of a few names but Ill check with Ross to confirm before I wrongly post. Im sure guys from our school, FFA, ATT, De La Rivas and others will have guys in there though.



The title for this thread says "Rival Classic 10/25, Lakeland, FL"

Isn't it SEPTEMBER 25th (next weekend)? (Just checking since ever since I came to Orlando I have no idea what the day it is anymore!)

Also, thanks for the heads-up about the Open Mats tonight, but I got the information just now. (Just a little too late)

I would love to come and do the absolute but the date is like a week before my fight :(

i think that 10/25 is oct 25th

its on 9/25, next weekend... i will be there.. 10/24 is the big disney tournament

flgrappler... the saturday morning class is at the sandlake academy and is always full of guys....

ooooh interesting! anyone have contact info for ross? have him call my 786 267 3422 thanks


I'm assuming that the Sandlake academy is part of Marcio Simos's school? And it's the school down near the attractions?

(Have to forgive the Orlando-geographically challenged guy here. Day 5 in Orlando and all I know is where work is at (Maitland) and where I'm staying at (Lake Eola Heights). Otherwise, it's Mapquest time!)

ttt for the last absolute champ.

Hey Charles, who you coming down with?

Yeah Im sorry guys. Ross' tourney is SEPTEMBER 25.

Flgrappler- Yeah, it is. The web site has directions and a map. I'm usually at the colonial academy Monday and Wednesday nights.


ill be there most likely, see everyone there...


This tournament is going to be great, Ross Kellin and Co. always do a great job.

One quick question please: What are the official weight classes? The flyer I saw had them all messed up. And last year at the Copa Florida the website had the weightclasses listed and the day of the tournament they were different.

It's a simple mistake, I'm just curious what they will be for sure on the morning I weigh in, thanks a lot.