Rivera is going to destroy Bisping

There's simply no other logical outcome IMO.

Fact of the matter is that Rivera is the better fighter in all areas. He has more technical striking, a better ground game, and better conditioning.

I don't think his game plan will be to stand and trade bombs with Bisping. And if Rivera finishes Bisping, it won't be in the first. I see a TKO in the late second or late third if at all. That being said, Rivera will have no difficulties in outpointing Bisping if he so chooses. However, El Conquistador has stated that if he wants to be taken seriously as a title contender at the MW division, he has to make a strong statement in this fight. I absolutely agree. I think Rivera is going to soften Bisping up on the ground with some G&P, land some stiff jabs and the occasional cross, and then look for the finish in the later rounds. Simply put, this fight is Rivera's to lose

I would argue more technical striking. Bisping can get in, land two shots, and get out before Rivera lands anything.

What are you basing rivera being better on the ground on? or being in better condition?

it was a weak attempt

X_Rated -  This was one of the worst spins I've ever read. You just copy and pasted my entire thread and switched Rivera with Bisping lol.