Rivera & Shakir Fighting this Fri.

This Friday UFC up and comer Jorge Rivera takes on James Gabert from Almeida/Renzo.

This will be an interesting match up. Gabert is a purple belt under Almeida and is known to be a skillful and powerful striker.

Rivera has the experience and as we all know Jorge is all about banging it out. I think this will be a very exciting fight.

Nuri Shakir -vs- Marcus Davis should be a barn burner as well. Both guys are very hungry for wins. Both guys coming off tough decision losses to Thiago "Pitbull" Alves. This too is a guaranteed war.

Other match ups include:

Matt Lee -vs- Mark Colangelo

Nardu Deborah -vs- Ricardo Deborba

Lance Everson -vs- Tim Creduer

Renato Migliaccio -vs- Rocky Long

Fabio Leopoldo -vs- Brendan Seguin

Jason Hathaway -vs- Bryan Bressler

Sam Hogar -vs- Chris Herring

Jerry Mosquea -vs- Joe Lauzon

Jay Heiron -vs- Fabio Holanda

Carlo Prater -vs- Ray Elbe

Now you tell me...which will be the fight of the night.

This Friday 4/30 at the Tsongas arena in Lowell Ma.
Doors open at 6:30 event begins at 7:30. Tickets will be available at the door.

Anyone reading this, you should go. THIS will be a famous night!!!

ttt every fight is going to be awesome!

i realy want to see nardu fight he looked mean at the combat zone

Damn, that sounds like an exciting night of fights.

ttt for an awesome card!

Jerry Mosquea by DOMINATION!

I can't wait! Fabio, Renato and I are heading out in the morning. James
and Mark should already be there. Mike has done an amazing job of
putting this together. Good Luck to all of the guys on the card, I just
wish Team Renzo a bit more luck...lol!


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

Joe Lauzon is unbelieveably correct. Mosquea's gonna butt-rape the sorry bastard who has to face him.

Gabert by decapitation. I've seen him train. He's an animal.

Nuri Shakir -vs- Marcus Davis Will be a WAR

great day for fighting in MASS!

Wow, I hadn't realised the card was so good.Glad I'm going now.