Rivera vs the "crow: II?

mmaweekly.com is reporting that Lee's camp still are believing he may not fight..

a repacement might be the "crow"..

I really didnt like their first fight so I would not want to see this...


If this is true, I would like to see Tony Fryklund get his shot!!! :)

According to the people at the ufc Lee is still in

The first fight was a snore. I have no desire to see them fight again.


It's going to be a longgggggg time before we see Tony Fryklund back in the UFC.

theres a rumor going around that he was arrested for a road rage incident..

I dont know if its true...

he released a statement sayin it wasnt but mmaweekly reported what I podted above...


"It's going to be a longgggggg time before we see Tony Fryklund back in the UFC."

Why? I just talked to him a week ago or so, and he didn't know this...

Vitor will be pulling out soon also.

I considered it a bore because it kept going to the fence with mostly weak strikes being thrown, with neither fighter trying hard to deliever a finishing blow. Whenever Rivera had the advantage standing, he chased the Crow to the fence and clinched with him. A good way to win a fight, but not a good way to win a fan. The knockdown at the end of the fight seemed almost accidental, because Rivera did not seem to be fighting toward that goal.

Maybe it's a matter of taste. I certainly appreciate the skill of both competitors.


i liked the first fight

Agree that first fight was a good match-up but boring as hell. Both looked a little sloppy and definitely winded. I wouldn't pay to see them fight again.