RIZIN bantamweight champion Kai Asakura has signed with the UFC



Huge loss for Rizin but I’ve always wondered how Kai would do in the UFC.

Really wish Rizin would sign more international fighters…

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The Rizin boss was advocating for UFC to sign him and Horiguchi, so I guess he doesn’t see it that way :thinking:.

As I understand, the Asakura brothers are the biggest names in JMMA these days and with a few good prospects already in UFC, maybe they’re gearing up to start having shows there again.

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Man I’m so excited for his first fight. I’m a huge fan of the Asakura brothers so I hope he can find the same success in the UFC! I will definitely miss seeing him in Rizin too though.

Kape and Jiri transitioned well so I’m optimistic


He seems to be a smaller bantamweight (Last Weigh-In: 133.8 lbs), so maybe 125 is an option. He’d be an immediate contender there. 135 is a different story, much longer road.

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He’s 1-1 against Hori

Maybe he can get a rematch against Manel Kape

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lovely knee at 46 seconds

He’s going to be hampered by the UFC rules and I can’t see him beating O’Malley or Sandhagen.

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like Gomi.

Gomi was arguably even more shot by the time he got to the UFC. Kai will be a top 5 contender at the most.

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Shot or more drug tested?

I like this dude. I used to watch rizin on new year’s.

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Still 30, got time

I hope he does well, will watch

About half way thru his most recent fight with Juan Archuleta. He def gets hit a lot and stands with his chin in the air.

Ok, nice finish but still major flaws in his defense.


Maybe both?

He’s kill or be killed alright, will bring some excitement into the division.

My prediction is that he won’t do very well. I give him a 3-3 record with a couple of bad KO’s before he retires.