I've been away, so shut up.

I thought Rizzo was thru with the UFC and the rumor was he was going to PRIDE. Wouldn't it be a good idea to throw him into the tourny. Then I could get my dream match, "THE BATTLE OF THE TREETRUNKS FOR LEGS, KNOCK YOU OUT(cold), LEGKICKS FOR DAYS............


...yeah, yeah, we know who would win, but you can't front on this fight. Pride, make it happen.

(and while your at it get BARNETT too. You talk heavyweights, you can't leave out BARNETT. He'll serve any fighter of the 15 others. I truly believe that.)

Peace. and (TTT for rizzo/cro cop somewhere down the line.)

Too bad, Josh is a bad motherfucker, badder than Shaft. I really would like to see him back in real fighting again.

big big mistake for ZUFFA to drop Rizzo. They are desparate for top HWs and Rizzo KO'd their current #1 Contender Arlovski, he beat 2 of their ex-Champs Barnett and Ricco and the other ex-Champ Sylvia was afraid to fight him. Whoever becomes next UFC Champ they are not the fighter Pedro Rizzo is

obviously he would have had to take a huge paycut those 200G+ days are over but they should have tried to negotiate

"...yeah, yeah, we know who would win..."

I don't, who?

hes most likely going to fight in K1 MAy 22nd

I talked to Marco just now, he says that Pedro is fighting 5/22 in K1

Just wait till I train for your ass.

Well, Big mistake on Pedro's part.

He could have been part of something special and added to the greatest MMA tournament of all time.

Instead he choses to go to K-1, where freaks and chumps bring in more money than talented kickboxers.

Last i heard Barnetts is under contact with pancrase.



LOL at anyone thinking Pedro is making shitty money, beleive me, he makes plenty, and will continue to.

at first thought I would say cro cop, but i am aware anything can happen. I'd be rooting for rizzo either way.

Just re-watched Tra-Rizzo 2. OMG Tracy's face was a mess.

I like Rizzo, so what he's had some snoozers, he'll be much better in a ring (not fighting wreslters).

I just always thought that he'd get a better Ground Game from Marco :/

Pedro should have been the next Nogueira, with KO skills.