RJJ vs. Tarver on BT *link*

Anybody who knows what, or how to use bittorrent can get the full fight (222megs) off of there. Damn good quality and plenty of seeds/peers too.

Also, the fight will be replayed on Saturday nite under the Mayweather/Corley fight on HBO.

ttt for copyright infringement

3ivx (www.3ivx.com) is the codec used.. I have no idea why, it's the steaming pile of crap of codecs. But I suppose beggers can't be choosers.

And uh.. to be more specific, just install the 3ivx codec, and it will play just fine in your regular windows media player.


thanks bro

Can't wait to catch the replay on Saturday. That bit torrant thing will never be understood by yours truly.


ttt one more time

And Matt Boone, I think bittorrent is without a doubt the best p2p system going. It'd be worth your time to check it out. Here's the official site - http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/

But, DO NOT get the standard bittorrent client from there. Go here and get bit tornado - http://bittornado.com/ .. (a 'client' is the program you need to download anything using BT) Good luck.