RJJ - welcome to obscurity!

I didnt even know he was fighting tonight. In fucking Russia of all places. At cruiserweight. And looking like shit...


Does he need the money?

I would doubt it. It's all about the ego IMO.

42 year old Roy Jones KO'ed in 10.


And he is already talking about a comeback!


Lebedev KOs Jones in 10th

By Alexey “Oscar” Potapov

WBO #1 cruiserweight Denis Lebedev (22-1, 17 KOs) scored a brutal tenth round KO over 42-year-old ring legend Roy Jones Jr. (54-8, 40 KOs) on Saturday night at the Sport Complex Krylatskoe in Moscow, Russia. Like Erik Morales a few weeks ago, Jones surprised the naysayers as he repeatedly pot-shotted Lebedev. The larger and more powerful Russian applied pressure and had his moments punishing Jones on the ropes. Lebedev finally got to Jones in the final seconds of the fight and Jones seemed out on his feet as referee Steve Smoger waved it off. Jones then collapsed to the canvas face down. Time was 2:59. Despite suffering his third straight loss, Jones stated “I don’t give up easy. I still might come back.” Lebedev’s trainer Kostya Tzsyu stated that it was a great fight and Lebedev is coming for Danny Green next.

Here is his latest concussion...


That guy is going to be a vegetable in a few years.

Even at 42 years old he did manage to shake Lebedev at one point with a hook.

But it's way past time for him to retire.

i hear he owes money to the gubment.

sadly he'll fight again.

That sucks to watch.

Nice work by the ref stepping in there...

RJJ owed the IRS money. I don't know how he owed them money. He basically fought for free in two of his last four fights.

Crazy how he can owe money given how successful he was during his prime and the deal he has/had with HBO re: commentating. Hell, the dude was in The Matrix! Must have some MC Hammer type spending habits and/or a terrible accountant to still need to fight now. Seemed like he got out of the game(before) without putting himself in line for brain damage. Nowadays? I think the risks double with every fight.

Nevertheless, wth happened to the RJJ superman thread?

^^^Like most of these guys they earn millions of dollars and never file taxes etc. Then spend most of it and get left with tax bills on 100's of millions of dollars that go unpaid.

Shit Floyd keeps his cash in his house!

Yep. Floyd also pays one of his entourage a six fig salary to guard a safe with his jewelry in. His record label has released fuck all too. Phone Post

He's at it again!


His opponent is 0-5-1 in his last 6 outings.

 terrible to see roy still at it. i remember about ten years ago he was did an interview with i think esquire or one of those magazines. and he went on and on about how he was a genius and people didn't know. talked about how sharp he was with his money and now to see a slightly flabby version of jones being an opponent and rumored to be flat broke is disappointing

Is he really broke?

Hes got zero punch resistance now.

Hes going to get KOD more than likely