rkjmd, a lesson in what not to do

DO NOT post whore like you have inoperable metastatic cancer and your last wish was to reach 10,000 posts on the OG.

DO NOT relentlessly post whore in two separate and yet identical threads on how well the Mav's are doing and then altogether disappearing after the Mav's colossal failure in the first round, but not before making posts that suggest a borderline break with reality.

DO NOT return after being utterly humiliated to support the Detroit Pistons (WTF?). The reason? "They look like they have the best shot at winning." What the fuck? Even if that really was the reason (and I don't doubt it was), why would you even say that shit out loud to other REAL fans of the sport? Are you a fucking Spurs fan now, rkjmd?

DO NOT be an utter and complete bandwagoning bitch who will bring doom to any team you choose to support in the future. I will take bets on what team he will choose to support next season (my bet is on Portland - just because it's the hot team right now.)


Double Ouch!

Man that picture gave me nightmares last night. Take it down already!