RM-VII / Brennan VS Ritch results!

Reto Maximo VII December 11th, 2005
Tangaloo Club, Tijuana, Mexico


Fight 1 - MMA Bout

Marco Soto wins by second round TKO (strikes from the mount) over Jesse Soto

Fight 2 - MMA Bout

Chance Farrar wins by first round TKO (strikes from back mount) over Isaac Peralta

Fight 3 - Boxing Featherweight Bout

Juan Carlos Burgos wins by TKO at 1:01 of the third round over Juan Pablo Bojorquez

Fight 4 - MMA Bout

Neal Abrams wins by second round TKO over Michel Garcia

Fight 5 - Muay Thai Middleweight ITBO National Title Bout

Luis Bio wins by TKO at 1:30 of the fourth round over Gabriel Medina

Fight 6 - Muay Thai Light Heavyweight ITBO National Title Bout

Erik Osorio wins by TKO at 1:30 of the fifth round over Omar Jiménez

Fight 7 - MMA Bout

Grant Whitmer wins by first round TKO (towel) over Gilbert Salinas

Fight 8 - Kick Boxing Jr. Welterweight IKBA World Title Bout

Jose Guardado wins by TKO at :30 of the fourth round over Arturo Dumaine

Fight 9 - MMA Reto Maximo Jr. Welterweight Title Bout

Chris Brennan wins by first round submission (triangle/strikes) over Shannon Ritch

I'd like to thank Chris and Shannon for putting on a very good and exciting fight last Sunday night in Tijuana, Mexico.

It honors me to have Chris Brennan represent my organization Reto Maximo as Jr. Welterweight Champion.
Congratulations Chris and thanks for your support.

Thanks Shannon for stepping up on a week's notice to take a shot at Chris again, permitting me to hold up my MMA main event match.

SPECIAL THANKS to all the fighters that participated in Reto Maximo VII providing a sensational night of action. My outmost respect and appreciation for your performance and sportsmanship.

Thanks to my co producer Juan Noriega; Larry Landless, Manuel Cota (ITBO), and Danny Rodarte (IKBA), as my production team in general and friends for all the support.

Thanks to all the media, Fairtex and a series of Mexican based business firms for your sponsorship.

Last but not least... to each and all the fans that attended and/or put forth positive energy for RETO MAXIMO, A VERY SPECIAL THANKS!

May everyone have a Merry Christmas a Happy New Year 2006!


Marco Perez (Tony)

wow.. what a surprise! Shannon submitted in the first round...

"wow.. what a surprise! Shannon submitted in the first round..."

true, but it was against a ridiculously skilled grappler and very good fighter.

ttt for RETO MAXIMO!

THank you Tony and as always your event was top notch. All my guys and family had a great time and no I have a an over live size ME to look at everyday :)

AGREED! TOP NOTCH SHOW! everyone was paid, and were treated like true professionals.

I went 3 min with Chris, we were both very poised and just waited for the opportunity. I actually went for a Kick ass KNEEBAR, that just missed, Chris defened great and we stood back up, Chris at the end of the first round ended up with mount and turned it into a great move to triangle- I defended well and even told Chris to hit me, i was setting up an escape, but as soon as the punches came in the choke was sunk. I had no choice but to TAP. The lights were going out.
A little bloody, and my hat is off to Chris, He is a true STUD and should clean up the 170lb divison in the UFC if they ever put him back in.
Congrats Chris, and Thank you for the opportunity.

best wishes, Shannon "The Cannon"