RMAX for guard work

Assuming I have no RMAX background, and have the following video resources from Scott Sonnon (Grappler's Toolbox:Ground Engagements, Be Breathed, Warrior Wellness, and Body Flow.) What specific exercises would you recommend for improvement of movement from guard position of BJJ? I work traditional shrimping and bridging movements but some say that Sonnon's work is great for grappling, so what do you recommend?

Brandon Bennett


There's general conditioning for the guard and specific conditioning for the guard (butterfly, X, spider, rubber, closed, etc...)

Here's an example of some general conditioning in CST:

I suggest you join the RMAX forum for more specific questions: www.circularstrengthmag.com/forum


Be Breathed is awesome for your guard and shrimping. I also recommend Leg Threading, Scorpions, and Neck Rolls for that aspect of your ground game.

body flow in general is great, I became more flexible in 2 months than i had in 2 years of normal stretching.