RMAX MMA Master Sambo Clinic

I would like to congratulate each and every RMAX MMA athlete for their hard work this weekend during the RMAX Master Series Sambo Seminar - Sambo for MMA 101; as well as the participants in the RMAX Boxing and RMAX Judo clinics with Coach Jones and Coach Hurst respectively.

You each endured a very rigorous event and despite how demanding I can be as a coach you did it with energy, exuberance and even a few smiles.

Special thanks and congratulations to Coach Cody Fielding (42) of San Francisco and Coach Jarlo Ilano (32) of Honolulu for their premier RMAX Combat Sambo fight which will be featured in our local newspaper. Cody and Jarlo pulled off an impressive 10 minute MMA battle. Coach Ilano launched a salvo of impressive bombs from both fist and feet that dropped Coach Fielding to the ground as well as sending him reeling on several occasions. But Coach Fielding managed to keep his head clear and with several beautiful throws pulled off a 5 to 4 victory against the younger coach. Both warriors deserve our gratitude and congratulations for sharing their energy with us. We are each and all better because of their sweat and blood.

My thanks also go out to Coaches Murdock and Wilson who put in the several thousands of miles of travel to assist me in this incredible workshop.

Several of our fighters are itching to get contracted for fights... so we will get to see again our warriors put our CST and FlowFighting™ to the ultimate test of strategy, athleticism and moxie.

Thank you for christening the mats of the RMAX Gymnasium!!