Roach "GSP having 6 week camp" to decide return

I guess we will see very soon if GSP will come back. Interested in when he will start this pre camp. Pretty sure he will hold it in Montreal and not in LA at the Wild Card.

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As much as I'd love to see him fight again and understand the burning desire to still compete at something I'd really like to see him stay retired.  He had an insane career with nothing left to prove and was one of the few that was able to take more from the game than the game took from him (i.e. not punchy, healthy, etc. etc.)

I don't want to see him in the title fights. Super fights only, please. I was never a huge fan but his legacy is tremendous and super fights would be a nice way to still scratch that itch. Phone Post 3.0

He should work with JWP again and get that power cranking.

Gota Love Freddie!

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someone need to introduce Rhonda to Roach real quick!

I would love to see him come back and sprawl and brawl Chuck


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I don't really see it at this point, what's his motivation?

Can you imagine if Lawler runs through Condit, and GSP comes back and handles him. Instant legend.

If it is 1 more fight he wants. UFC 200 will be a good place for it to be

My post from TMMAC:

As a huge GSP fan, I'd also like to see him stay retired. He took most of the damage of his career in his last few fights, and it's a rare thing to retire on top with an intact legacy like he did. I hate to say it, but I don't see a return going well for him.

The best part about super fights is there isn't the huge pressure of the belt looming over him. Maybe we'll see him have a little fun in the cage again, that'd be sweet Phone Post 3.0

Here is the real deal… Win or loose, decision or finish, still infinitely more interesting than about 500 plus of the other ufc fighters on the roster.