Roach quits pacquiao

Freddie Roach has said on boxing talk he will no longer train pacquiao. Manny came to him and said he was being ripped off. He got an attorney for manny and they wrote a letter to HBO, saying Murad Muhammad can no longer represent Manny. Rod nazario manny's manager called Freddie and said Murad is still in the mix and Manny agreed. Freddie gets a 10% trainers cut. He was paid 25,000. The barrera fight was for 700K. He was ripped off to. They told Manny he was paid 300K and he cleared 80K for the fight. Freddie quit after finding out that murad was still aboard. Manny will end up broke.

Roach/Pacquiao is a great team. I hope they can work something out.

I agree that boxers get screwed on their contracts far too often, but if Pacquiao ends up broke ($80K goes a long..... way in the Philippines!) it'll be his fault.

the way roach explains it, pacquiao is letting himself get robbed blind and since he gets paid out of pacquiaos purse then he would be allowing himself to get robbed

Good for Roach.

If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.

The fight with Marquez is off. Arum wants Marquez to fight in February against another boxer. is reporting Roach is back with Manny.


Manny should have Murad kidnapped in the phillipines and get his money back.

"Manny should have Murad kidnapped in the phillipines and get his money back."


Gator according to the thief Murad, manny got paid 500,000 and every expense you mentioned above comes out of NManny's purse. He wasw also paid a promotional fee so he basically stole 200,000 from manny. It is blatant and illegal. HBO and Golden boy should be also criticized for allowing it to happen.

"He wasw also paid a promotional fee so he basically stole 200,000 from manny"

Murad Muhammed has exclusive promotional rights to Pacquiao. If HBO and Golden Boy want to use him, they have to pay M&M Sports for that right. Murad did not "steal" anything from Pacquiao, this is a standard practice in the boxing industry. If there is only one promoter, both fighters will be paid out of the license fee. If there are two promoters, some kind of an agreement has to be worked out. If you dont think Cedric Kushner and other promoters dont get a cut when their fighters are fighting for other promoters, you are wrong.

rogie if you think what Murad did in this case is ethical you are nuts. First he lied about what he was paid, he then lied about the 200,000 being for sanctioning fees when it came out that Golden Boy already paid those fees. I agree other promoters do it but it still sucks and it is stealing. You know it and I know it. Why did he only pay Freddie 10,000 when his cut was 10% of the deal?

You have to give Roy Jones credit. He worked Murad like a crack whore ion the Ruiz fiasco and Murad made an even 150,000.00. In a case such as Manny, HBO should oversee the fight since they are paying for it and make sure the fightr is not getting robbed by a leach.

I do not think that Murad Muhammed is "ethical", but it is not surprising to see a promoter take a cut off the top as it is standard practice. As far as stealing goes, do I think it is excessive? probably as it was 28% of the total purse money alloted to Pacquiao.

It is not stealing for promoters want to be compensated if another promoter or the network wants to use their fighter. They are in many cases just trying to recoup their investment and/or make money just like in other businesses.

Example: Promoter promotes a young prospect. There is a very good chance he is being paid a monthly salary(Martinez got 5k a month until his contract expired). Factor in salary and other expenses and they are not going to break even for a while. When the kid gets into bigger shows, natrually they will want to make their money back and turn a profit just like other businesses.

rogie your own explanation shows how crooked it is. Murad cannot be his promoter and his manager. It is a violation of the Ali act. DK gets around this by using Carl King as the fighters manager. Obviously, Murad is getting around this as well. Good ole carl suckered Mayorga into a 400,000 payday and it cost him a multi million dollar payday with Mosely and the fight he lost had no bearing on getting the Mosely fight. NONE. It was a bonehead risk. Plain and simple.

Also, if Murad is owed this money, why did he lie about it? He said it was for fees associated with the fight. It was not. He was called out on HBO for it. Even by Murad's story, every other person involved here got screwed on their cut. His "promoter" almost cost him the services of the best or one of the best trainers in the world by robbing him. I will take the word of freddie Roach over this scumbad Murad anyday.

Murad is not his manager. Do you want to know how Murad retained his duties as Pacquiaos promoter? When Dibella faxed an offer sheet for a six fight deal to Manny's business manager Rod Nazario, Nazario faxed it to Murad. After some "negotiations", Murad was back in as Manny's promoter. Murad Muhammed is no saint by any means, but a lot of the blame for Pacquiao's plight lies at the feet of Rod Nazario and Elorde(who I think is his actual manager). They turned down a six fight deal with a guy known as a clean operator with good network contacts, and instead decided to continue to do business with Murad.

Murad may be greedy, but he does the same thing other promoters doe as an established business practice. I have already explained how it works to you. It was not necessarily for license fees but to use his fighter. As Pacquiaos exclusive promoter in the U.S., he gets the final say on who Manny fights and where and when.

Rogie vs Clemson on the subject of promoters is always a classic battle...

The Ward/Gatti of this forum...

Or perhaps the Golota/Bowe knwoing Rogie likes to hit below the belt...hehe...

He may not be his manager technically but who is calling the shots. The promoter's real job is to promote an event, not to disperse everyone's money and make all the decisions. Because sonmeone is helping him rob a guy does not excuses what Murad did.

Rogie we see this the same, only it infuriates me more. The players in the NBA get 60% of all TOTAL REVENUE inm salary. IMO that is too high but it is the figure,. In boxing, most of these guys are getting decimal points of the revenue. It sucks. Murad made as much, never trained a lick and never took a single shot. It is bullshit and Arum, DK, Murad etc are all scumbags for doing it when they do.

I understand what youre saying, promoters do not take the punches and many of them are pompous, unscrupulous, and downright dislikeable. However, they are the ones who assume the financial risk in the early stages of a fighters career and also on PPVs and other endeavors. Keep in mind that for a promoter, the money they make off their big name fighters also go towards signing other guys and paying their other guys salaries and expenses, etc. Promoting is not an easy job-they have to deal with networks, managers, the fighter(and sometimes his family), and the business is very cutthroat.

The NBA guys have a players' association to fight their battles for them. Boxers have noone, we hear all this crap about a boxers union but I see big problems in terms of the ability to organize, etc.

The fixing of this problem lies at the top. HBO, the largest boxing provider of them all, should monitor the way the fighters they are showing are compensted. Showtime should as well. How difficult would it be for HBO to tell Golden Boy, Murad, Arum, DK etc to provide a financial statement as to how the fighters are being paid. Supposedly, the managarial contract is monitored by the Nevada State athletic commission on Vegas fights but it has been proven in Don King courtcases that the contacts filed are often not the ones enforcved.

Rogie according to the way you say promoters do their business why would HBO not do it that way? HBO could skim the top easily and claim it was for bullshit fees and maybe they do I do not know but for them to show a fighter who is being robbed to the point where they allow their own paid announcers to point it out only exemplifies the flaws. Art this point however, Manny seems to have been made well aware of Murad stealing from him. If he allows it to continue, I cannot feel too sorry for him but I will always cal;l a crook a crook and Murad is a crook.

The fighters are the losers here. They have noone looking out for them. There is no way they canb start a union because most are very poor and many are not that intelligent and there are so few spots at the top. Most fighters are journeyman.