Road to Machu Picchu - Peru in 4K (2160P Ultra HD)


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Mr Sizzzz - In Peru is on my list of places to go Phone Post 3.0

I'm trying to build an itinerary right now - happy to flip it over to you when done. Tours are just too damn expensive so I'm trying my best + will add ayahuasca retreat at the end of it.
Cool. Much appreciated lmk how it goes Phone Post 3.0

I apologize but I wasn't able to pull something together that was less costly than a tour group. Because I almost travel alone - i fuken hate tour groups. To be honest, the people are nice and the tour guides are nice. I just hate relying on anyone...

Currently, I'm looking at and the Nihue Rao Ayahuasca retreat.

for about 20 days - it's going to cost 4400.00 - it's pricey as fuk but not sure what to do at this point.

I've done tons of research so if you have any questions let me know. I just can't post it all here...

Thanks. I'll try and remember. Hopefully going next year sometime Phone Post 3.0

Thanks OP, great post! Phone Post

Dead President - I was thinking about going in September. Unfortunately, the INCA trail has been sold out and there is an alternative trail named the Lares Trek.

Should I just go on the Lares Trek or should I wait until next year when there are spots open for the Inca trail?

The Inca Trail is terrible. Don't do it unless you basically want to be in a never ending line of stupid tourists as if you were in Disney World.

Lares is too easy, it's more of a cultural tour than a trek.

Do the Salkantay Trek instead...much, much less traveled than the Inca Trail, and awesome diverse will walk through valleys that look like they are out of Lord of the Rings, hike up to a glacial lake, hike in front of insanely impressive 20,000+ft mountains as you go over the 15,000ft Salkantay Pass, head into the jungle and see waterfalls, hot springs, passion fruit plantations, etc.

If you are not big into camping or prefer more luxury, the lodge-to-lodge tour operated by Mountain Lodges of Peru is awesome. You do the same trek, but instead of camping in tents, you stay in fucking badass luxury lodges and get pampered like royalty along the way.

I have done the trek 2 times, once camping and once in the lodges. Both offer different experiences and both are awesome, depending on the style of travel you like to do. I did the lodge trip because I went with a girlfriend who was not very outdoorsy. The lodge-to-lodge trek is going to have a different demographic though...when I did it it was all couples aged 50+ and my girlfriend and I were the only young was still fun though. The camping trip was more people my own age, like 20s and 30s. The price difference between the two options is pretty significant which explains the age gap. A good company to use for the camping trip is

If you do book a trek, make sure you buy tickets to Huayna Picchu and/or Macchu Picchu Mountain as soon as possible, because they are limited in number and can sell out. Tickets are only like $10 for each so it's definitely worth doing. Both are pretty similar hikes that start from Macchu Picchu...basically a bunch of steep stone steps that wind their way up to a peak that gives you a cool view of Macchu Picchu. Huayna Picchu is more crowded for whatever reason, but Macchu Picchu Mountain is higher.

How long does the Salkantay Trek take?

And it's after that you recommend getting a ticket to Machu Piccu Mountain? That's a day long trip? Phone Post 3.0

Mr Sizzzz - How long does the Salkantay Trek take?

And it's after that you recommend getting a ticket to Machu Piccu Mountain? That's a day long trip? Phone Post 3.0

There are different options for an extended or shortened version, but the standard trek and the one that I did was 5 days. I do not recommend doing the shorter 4 day version because you miss out on the one party camp site and awesome hot springs.

Macchu Picchu Mountain is a short hike you take while you are up at Macchu Picchu. They limit the number of people who can do the hike, so that's why you need tickets in advance. It's not a full day thing, just an added side trip you can do while you're up at Macchu Picchu. You have a tour around the ruins at like 5am that lasts maybe 2hrs, then after that you have the rest of the day to yourself to wander around Macchu Picchu before you either hike or take the bus back down to Aguas you would spend some of this time hiking up Macchu Picchu Mountain(and/or Huayna Picchu).

I ran up it in about 25 mins, but I like to workout a lot so that's not a normal time...if you are walking up at a normal pace it'll probably take 1-2hrs up(and faster down). If you are out of shape and have to take a bunch of breaks, it might take a bit longer. I think the guide books tell you to expect 2.5 hrs up, but that seems excessively slow. It's literally just a shitload of fairly steep stone steps, so its like a giant stairmaster, and the altitude also somewhat contributes to winding you, although its not a huge factor if you have just come from the Salkantay Trek since it's significantly lower than the elevations you would have been to on the trek. Huayna Picchu is a little steeper but a shorter hike.

Great. thanks for all the info! VU when i can Phone Post 3.0