whos in to go check out saulo riberio's gym later this month for a day or 2 before he moves out to california??

I've heard there is a road trip being planned for NYC soon as well to visit Marcelo Garcia.

Saulo is top notch and I wish I could go to train with him as well. When I go to Brazil, Im gonna hit up his old stompin grounds "Monteiro Jiu-jitsu" in Manaus. Booyah

Oooh sounds tempting.

Whats the time and date brother? Either him or Marcello would be a great road trip!! NYC might be a tad more fun!

yeah both sounds good but marcello will be there and from what i heard saulo is moving to california shortly.. going to his gym is something i have been been "going next week" for long time :)

im up to go whenever.. just let me know when's good for u

Very interested... when did you wanna go?
Will it be a weekend thing?

like i said im just relaxing training for fun now till my next fight so i dont really care when i am not picky

saulo's awesome. i used to train with him when i was in michigan.

well worth the drive.


rick do you know when garcia is starting to teach in

gq and dominator you guys should do a 'world tour' and
go to ohio, come by philly, and then nyc :)

jiu-chick, marshmellow should be there mid August. He was gonna go for June but he figured it be best to wait as he wanted to fight in the mundials first than make the move