RoadRunner/Adaware Problem

OK. Went to the in-laws and put Adaware on their RoadRunner. Mom-in-law e-mails this morning and said she can't get on RoadRunner now.

After running Adaware -- they had over 400 files -- some said possible browser hijack. I deleted everything that came up on Adaware.

Any idea what happened?


some adaware can attach itself to the Winsock files, winscok controls the TCPIP so when u removed the adaware u could have messed up the winsock

u'll need to go into the reg, deleted winsock, I believe theres 2 different loactions, then remove TCP IP in ur Network settings and reboot

windows 95 98 2000 xp ?

2000, I believe. Maybe XP.

I guess a lady they work with went over and took Adaware off and now it's running fine. I still say there's a problem "in the background" somewhere and that Adaware should not coz the Roadrunner to crash.

spyware can cause any Internet connection to crash, well Ive seen PC's with 2000+ spyware objects, think about all that shit trying to connect to the internet along with u downloading porn, aint gonna happen

yes. i killed two co workers' computers. they needed to be reimaged, after i downloaded adaware. they were 2000 machines. no problems with my xp. used to have a link that has a patch to counter this problem.